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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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January 29, 2008

Contact: (DEP) Elaine Makatura (609) 292-2994
(OAG) Lee Moore (609)-292-4791

Department of Environmental Protection - Lisa P. Jackson, Commissioner
Office of the Attorney General - Anne Milgram, Attorney General


TRENTON -Attorney General Anne Milgram and Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Lisa P. Jackson announced today that New Jersey has joined with California in petitioning the federal Environmental Protection Agency to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from construction, farming and other "non-road" vehicles that emit significant quantities of carbon dioxide into the air each year.

Filed today in Washington, D.C., the petition calls on EPA to adopt standards to control greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing non-road vehicles and engines. As defined by EPA, non-road vehicles include outdoor power equipment, recreational vehicles, farm and construction machinery, lawn and garden equipment and logging equipment.

The petition announced today asks that EPA determine that greenhouse gas emissions from non-road vehicles and engines significantly contribute to harmful air pollution, that the agency impose limits on greenhouse gas emissions from such vehicles and engines, and that it take initial action within six months of receiving the states’ petition. Non-road vehicles emit more than 200 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, significantly contributing to rising atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases, which in turn contribute to global warming.

“This petition is important because the EPA, while it has the authority to do so, has placed no restrictions at all on greenhouse gas emissions from non-road vehicles or engines,” said Attorney General Milgram. “Left unregulated, these non-road sources of greenhouse gas pollution will remain a major contributor to global warming that threatens the health and safety of New Jersey’s citizens, as well as its natural resources.”

"New Jersey's greenhouse gas reduction goals are among the most aggressive in the nation," Commissioner Jackson said. "To meet these goals we must reduce emissions from all sources including off road vehicles. Once again, we find ourselves requesting that the federal government not put its foot on the brakes of environmental protection."

In addition to New Jersey, Connecticut, Oregon and Pennsylvania have signed onto the California petition seeking regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from non-road vehicles and engines.By joining the petition, New Jersey is continuing its efforts to combat global warming.

As Governor Corzine noted in Executive Order No. 54, signed in February of last year, New Jersey is particularly vulnerable to the economic and environmental effects of climate change as a result of its coastal topography and the density of its coastal development.

Deputy Attorney General Jung Kim is handling the petition matter on behalf of the State.



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