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RELEASE: 1/16/01
CONTACT: Loretta O'Donnell or Amy Collings
609-984-1795 or 609-292-2994

DEP Commends Four Major Oil Companies for Service Station Cleanups

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Bob Shinn today commended four major gasoline retailers for their outstanding performance in cleaning up contamination from leaking underground storage tanks.

Shinn issued commendations to Getty Properties Corporation, Exxon Corporation USA, Sunoco Inc., and Mobil Oil Corporation.

"The continued performance of these four companies is a demonstration of their leadership in site remediation. These approval ratings mean that the companies are effectively restoring sites and protecting the state's ground water," Shinn said.

Getty and Exxon are four-time repeat top performers. Both Sunoco and Mobil have received performance acknowledgements for the last two consecutive years.

Sunoco tops the list with the highest approval rating with 81% of its cleanup plans approved by DEP. Exxon was a close second with an 80% approval rate. Both Getty and Exxon have cleanup approvals at two-thirds of their sites.

This is the fourth annual "report card" rating companies with more than 50 cleanup projects underway in New Jersey. DEP initiated the Cooperative Venture Program in 1995 to work with major gasoline retailers and others in cleaning up contamination due to leaks from their underground storage tank systems. DEP works closely with many companies and individuals in setting up mutually agreed upon priorities, schedules and activities based upon risks posed by their sites. In part, the Cooperative Venture is designed to reduce paperwork, allow budgeted funds to be directed to priority cleanup activities and give the private sector more front end responsibility to achieve environmental protection.

"Open communication, measuring results and acknowledging top performers is key. Less paperwork and faster cleanups is good for the environment and the public. This program is proof that performance-based partnerships can succeed in environmental protection," Shinn said.

Shinn added that sound tank management includes ongoing leak detection monitoring. Between October 1999 and September 2000, more than 660 underground tank facilities were inspected. Inspections will continue to verify compliance with tank upgrade requirements. DEP encourages any underground tank owner or operator who is not certain of all requirements, to call the Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks at (609) 292-8761 or view the website ( for information and compliance checklists which were mailed to all registered UST owners.


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