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RELEASE: 6/20/01
CONTACT: Amy Collings or Dade Thornton
(609) 292-2994 or 292-1942


The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and over 35 other states and partners promoting the use of new environmental cleanup technologies were recognized recently for their endorsement of a new technology for the cleanup of contamination at closing and closed Air Force facilities.

DEP Commissioner Bob Shinn, who also chairs the Environmental Research Institute of States (ERIS), accepted a Certificate of Appreciation from the Air Force Base Conversion Agency and its Director, Albert F. Lowas, Jr., on behalf of the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Cooperation (ITRC) Workgroup. The certificate thanked the ERIS and the ITRC for their "national effort in setting up a framework to expedite the acceptance of innovative technologies that will facilitate faster, cost effective cleanups of environmental contamination on military bases."

The new technology is a device, called a diffusion sampler, which measures contaminant levels in groundwater much more efficiently, and cheaper, than conventional methods. Conventional methods of groundwater sampling cost as much as $600 per well due to the large amount of labor required, according to Air Force estimates. Diffusion sampling requires very little labor, reducing costs to approximately $65 per well, without compromising the quality of the data.

The diffusion sampler, developed by the U.S. Geological Survey, will be used this year at six Air Force bases in California.

The ITRC is a state-led national coalition that promotes the development of tools and strategies to diminish technical and regulatory barriers to the use of new environmental technologies. The group works cooperatively with federal agencies and other stakeholders to accomplish this mission. New technologies, such as the diffusion sampler, can save the taxpayer money, while ensuring a cleaner environment.

"Our hope is that the use of diffusion samplers will spread from military bases to many more public and private sites to help lower cleanup costs," said Shinn, whose agency led the ITRC team working to expand the use of the diffusion sampler within the military.

Diffusion samplers have been tested at Navy and Air Force sites, and are being evaluated for use at the Naval Air Warfare Center in Ewing Township and also at the RCA Solid State Division facility in Bridgewater Township.

The ITRC has scheduled training courses in the use of the diffusion samplers. For more information, visit



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