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DEP Releases New Internet Mapping Tool to Enhance Public Access to Information

(02/86) TRENTON - The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced today the release of its i-Map NJ program, which allows the public to access real-time data from DEP databases and overlay the information on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps of New Jersey.

The i-Map system is a web-based interactive application integrating information on almost 50,000 sites and facilities in DEP's New Jersey Environmental Management System (NJEMS) database. This information includes data on regulated facilities, permit compliance, wastewater discharges, and air emissions. DEP's GIS maps include land use areas, locations of contaminated sites, and locations of natural resources.

"The i-Map NJ program reaffirms DEP's significant commitment to providing timely, accurate, and relevant information about New Jersey's environment to the public," said DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell. "We want the public to be aware of and to participate in environmental planning to help them make scientifically sound decisions. Using this mapping data will accomplish that end."

This week's rollout represents the first phase of release for the program, which will be improved and amended as additional DEP databases are linked into the NJEMS system. The system currently allows users the flexibility of combining over 30 data layers to produce individualized maps and simple tables for any location in the state. The advantage of the new i-Map NJ program is that it allows the public to access continually updated information, rather than static reports that provide only a snapshot in time.

In the second phase, scheduled for public release in the spring of 2003, DEP will integrate an easy-to-use report writing tool allowing more sophisticated user inquiries and manipulation of the data. The second phase will also provide access to real-time digital contaminant data for soil, air and water from contaminated sites undergoing remediation.

"We believe the release of this information to the public at a single, user-friendly website will assist local planners, developers, environmental organizations and homeowners in their decision-making," said Commissioner Campbell. "Already the integration of this data has improved the way DEP conducts its business by providing integrated planning tools among programs."

The department has created a number of online tutorials and will also provide public demonstrations and "teach-ins" throughout the fall for constituency groups and interested members of the public.

The new mapping program is only the latest in a series of measures by DEP to increase the availability of information to the public. The department recently released compliance and enforcement reports on its Open Public Records Act website. These reports allow Internet users to find out about emissions, violations, enforcement actions, inspection results and complaints for any regulated facility in New Jersey. This information will be integrated into the second phase of the i-Map program.

See attached listing of layers.



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