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DEP Invites Public to Hearing on Wastewater Recycling
We need to be better stewards of our water supplies, Commissioner Campbell says

(03/51) TRENTON - The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) invites anyone interested in the issue of recycling wastewater to attend a presentation and offer testimony at a public hearing next week in Middlesex County.

The hearing begins at 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 16, with a panel presentation on case studies of wastewater being reclaimed for beneficial reuse. Scheduled speakers include Edward Clerico of American Water, Keavin Nelson of U.S. Filter Operating Services and Rocco Maiellano of Evesham Municipal Utilities Authority.

Public testimony begins at 4 p.m. Written comments will be accepted until May 2.

The importance of reclaiming wastewater for beneficial reuse in New Jersey came to light during the drought of 1999 and again during the drought of 2002, when the state experienced firsthand the importance of protecting and conserving our potable water supplies.

"The recurring droughts in New Jersey are a clarion call to better stewardship of our waters, both to protect the environment and to ensure economic growth," DEP Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell said. "Recycling presents an opportunity to extend our existing resources to support future growth in our communities."

Water treated at sewage plants has traditionally been discarded into streams, rivers and the ocean. The hearing will address a growing public interest in providing a higher level of wastewater treatment so it can be reused for purposes ranging from irrigating golf courses to cooling and washing industrial equipment.

Each year the Clean Water Council and the Water Supply Advisory Council hold a public hearing to solicit views on an important issue pertaining to state water quality. This year, Campbell requested the hearing focus on wastewater recycling.

The hearing will take place at the Holiday Inn - Monroe, 390 Forsgate Drive in Jamesburg, off New Jersey Turnpike exit 8A. To register to speak, please call (732) 932-9271 weekdays.

Under state law, the Clean Water Council is responsible for making recommendations to the DEP commissioner on matters pertaining to water-pollution control. The Water Supply Advisory Council advises the commissioner on water supply issues.



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