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RELEASE: Feb. 3, 1999
CONTACT: Loretta O'Donnell or Amy Collings
609-984-1795 or 292-2994

GIS Information Now Available on the Internet

Mapped information on New Jersey's land use, streams, regulated facilities and other features is now available at no cost over the Internet. Data stored on the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Geographic Information System (GIS) are available through a new web page designed to introduce the public to the many uses of GIS.

"With GIS everyone can have access to the same environmental and demographic information on any area in the State, to see how different geographic patterns are related to each other. Prospective homeowners, students, officials and others interested in a local area can view a wide variety of information to support wise decision making," said DEP Commissioner Bob Shinn.

One of the functions of the web page is to introduce GIS technology to those not already using GIS. The public can use GIS directly on the Internet through interactive mapping applications. Two applications are currently available. The first application displays mapped information about two Watershed Management Areas -- the Rancocas, and the Upper Passaic, Whippany and Rockaway. The second application displays the locations of regulated facilities in each New Jersey county. The public also can use GIS technology locally on a computer by downloading free GIS data viewers from sites linked to the DEP GIS web page, and by downloading GIS data from the web page itself.

A major goal of the web page is to give experienced GIS users access to DEP's GIS data. Many New Jersey organizations have purchased GIS software and DEP GIS data. DEP offers agreements for free GIS software to nonprofit environmental organizations and county libraries. By making GIS data freely available over the Internet, those experienced in GIS will have immediate access to DEP's spatial information. The GIS data will be fully documented, so the public will know if the information they wish to use is current and accurate.

Other information included on the web page includes DEP's GIS newsletter, meeting and workshop announcements, links to other state, federal and educational GIS web sites, a question and answer forum, a description of DEP's standards for GIS data, and information for ordering DEP GIS data stored on CDs. Last month DEP announced the availability of CDs that store new statewide aerial photographs compatible with GIS, and having resolutions down to one meter. The photographic images are divided into seven CDs for different areas of the state. These and other CDs that store DEP GIS data are available for purchase for $30 each through DEP's Maps and Publications Office at (609) 777-1038. The web page address is


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