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News & Public Notices

Public Notice: Public Comments Now Being Accepted – Boonton Township Petition - (3/16/2015) The Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council (Highlands Council) is now accepting public comments on Boonton Township’s Petition for Plan Conformance and the Final Draft Consistency Review and Recommendations Report prepared by the Highlands Council staff. Complete details, including instructions for submitting comments and a link to Petition materials, are available in the public notice (read)

March 19 Meeting Materials Available - (3/13/2015) An agenda and associated materials have been posted for the March 19, 2015 Highlands Council meeting. (read)

Public Notice: Monitoring Program Comment Deadline Extended - (2/23/2015) The New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council has extended the deadline to receive public comments regarding the Highlands Regional Master Plan (RMP) as part of the Council’s 2014 RMP Monitoring Program. The new deadline is April 30, 2015. (read)

Press Release: Highlands Council Lauds Extension of ‘Dual Appraisal’ for Highlands Property Owners - (2/13/2015) Last week, Governor Chris Christie signed a bill extending the special appraisal process that provides greater equity for Highlands Region property owners seeking to preserve lands under the state’s Green Acres and Farmland Preservation programs. (read)

Public Notice: New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council February Meeting Cancelled - (1/23/2015) Please be advised that the meeting of the New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council scheduled for Thursday, February 19, 2015 at 4:00pm has been cancelled. (read)

Press Release: Highlands Council Announces New HDC Purchase Program and Open Space Matching Grant Program - (1/22/2015) At its most recent meeting the Highlands Council provided details regarding a proposed new Land Owner Equity and Land Preservation Program, which includes two components: a Highlands Development Credit (HDC) Purchase Program; and an Open Space Matching Grant program. The Council voted to proceed with a process to have the program formally adopted as an administrative rule within the state. (read)

Public Notice: Highlands Development Credit Bank 2015 Meetings - (1/5/2015) The Highlands Development Credit Bank has posted its 2015 meeting schedule. (read)

Public Notice: Highlands Council 2015 Meetings - (12/2/2014) The Highlands Council has posted its 2015 meeting schedule. (read)

Press Release: Highlands Council Votes to Appoint Margaret Nordstrom as Executive Director - (10/16/2014) At its most recent meeting the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council (Highlands Council) voted to appoint Margaret Nordstrom as Executive Director. Nordstrom had been serving as Acting Executive Director since April, and previously held the role of Deputy Executive Director since being hired to the agency in June of 2012. ... (read)

Press Release: Highlands Municipalities Enjoying Benefits of Localized Exemption Decisions - (10/2/2014) Since introducing its Municipal Exemption Determination program in March 2013, the Highlands Council has certified 12 municipalities to issue determinations regarding some of the most common Highlands Act exemptions. This means municipal officials in these towns can review these exemptions at the local level, without the need to involve New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) or the Highlands Council. ... (read)


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