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The NJDA Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory is connected with GlobalVetLink for online submittals of Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA /Coggins) tests.   With GlobalVetLink’s system, the laboratory has the ability to more efficiently turn around lab results, plus add an official electronic signature by the resulting technician. Those submitting tests will receive finalized, secure EIA forms for each submission.  GlobalVetLink subscribing practices have the option to allow their clients to have secure, read-only access to their EIA forms as soon as they are finalized by the NJDA lab.

GlobalVetLink’s EIA clear, legible and professional forms include three digital photos. The system is nationally recognized by all 50 states, and accepted by USDA for export as official documentation of an animal’s negative EIA test result. GlobalVetLink (GVL) has been partnering with veterinary practices and diagnostic laboratories since 1999, creating a platform to submit and return results more quickly, with less paper shuffling.  GVL offers improved efficiency, faster turn-around, and markets their lab to all veterinarians subscribing to GVL throughout the U.S.

All transactions created in a veterinarian's practice will be available to them in real time, and are automatically sent to the appropriate animal health officials.  The EIA test result is integrated into the animal record for OCVI (official certificate of veterinary inspection) documents, from the GlobalVetLink system, to reduce paper and duplication.

For more information on how to connect with the laboratory via GlobalVetLink, please call 515-296-0861, and ask for new account information. The website is and the email address is

If you have questions for the NJDA Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory, please call Dr. Amar Patil at (609) 671-6400 or (609) 406-6999.