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Office of the Corrections Ombudsperson

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Any person, over the age of 18 years, who is convicted under the laws of the State of New Jersey and sentenced to term of 364 days or more is “state-sentenced”  and considered to be among the individuals who may seek assistance from the Corrections Ombudsperson.

The Corrections Ombudsperson can investigate a variety of concerns, including conditions of confinement and any acts on the part of the prison administration that may violate an incarcerated person's rights.

Essentially, complaints investigated include those the Corrections Ombudsperson believes might be:

  • Contrary to law or regulation;
  • Based on incorrect information that was used to make a decision or support an action;
  • Actions for which the administration offers no adequate reason;
  • Unreasonable, unfair or otherwise objectionable actions, even though in accordance with law.

Incarcerated persons can contact the office by completing a Request for Assistance Form that is available at the correctional facilities, by writing directly to the office or by calling the incarcerated person toll free number.

State sentenced incarcerated persons that temporarily may not have been assigned a PIN or experience problems calling our office may request a legal telephone call through any of the correctional facilities’ Social Services Departments or Law Library Coordinators and by calling 1-609-633-2596.  (Calls to the Office of the Corrections Ombudsperson are considered official, legal and confidential.)

The Office of the Corrections Ombudsperson has successfully operated for forty-seven years.  Staff continue to assist incarcerated persons, residents, attorneys, outside agencies, and the general public with matters relating to incarcerated persons and those committed to the STU.

The office receives approximately 60 to 80 contacts per day and handled a record number of 15,435 contacts in 2019.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 10/10/23

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