Through this webpage, the Department of Community Affairs Local Planning Services office offers many forms, model documents, and calculators that were designed to make the preparation and review of municipal Housing Elements and Fair Share Plans expeditious for your staff and ours. The petition application below is the new required submission format for petitions for substantive certification. It is our hope that this application and related resources will assist municipal officials and planners in demonstrating the satisfaction of affordable housing requirements through voluntary participation in the Fair Housing Act process. If you have any questions, LPS planning staff is available to assist you.

Petition Application 

A Guide to Affordable Housing Funding Sources 

Submission/Petition Requirements

Affordable Housing Trust Funds

Application for Review of Amendment to Approved Project Plan

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Other Compliance Options
Affordable Housing Ordinance (includes Accessory Apartment, Market to Affordable and Inclusionary Zoning provisions)
Market to Affordable Program Calculator 
Supportive/Special Needs Housing Survey 
Assisted Living Residence Survey