Municipal affordable housing activity must be recorded using the electronic tracking and monitoring (CTM) system available through the myNewJersey portal. Monitoring must be completed to bring all project and unit information up to date through December 31, 2014. Upon completion of the update, please return the monitoring certification form available through the link in the "More Information" box to the right of this page. All 2014 affordable housing project and unit monitoring must be completed on or before April 30, 2015.

Unit-specific detail information must be entered in the "Unit List" section of the CTM system for all completed units. If unit information has not been entered for any completed units in a particular project or if unit information has only been partially entered for a project, please add and/or update the unit information directly into the CTM system. Please note that project summary information entered only into the "Project Counts" section of CTM must be supported by individual unit information provided  in the "Unit List" section of the system.  Directions for entering unit information can be found in the Help Document link found in the "More Information" box on the right side of this page. Please make sure that all applicable information is entered, including the date that each unit was created or rehabilitated and whether controls have expired, have been removed or have been extended. All information must be entered directly into the CTM system.

In addition to the CTM monitoring of units, municipalities must demonstrate the existence and deed restriction of units that have been reported as completed affordable housing. If not provided already, your municipality must provide information to COAH staff that will determine which units existing in your municipality are qualified affordable housing units.

The link in the "More Information" box on the right side of this page provides a listing of the types of developments or programs that might include affordable housing units in your municipality. Under each type of development or program is a list of items that will be used to determine whether the unit is qualified as an affordable housing unit. All developments and programs including units that have been recorded in the CTM system must also be determined to be eligible for credit by submitting the requested documents and forms if they have not been previously submitted to COAH.

For more information on project and unit monitoring, please contact Heather Mahaley.  For information about accessing the CTM system, please contact Terry Kizer.