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“On The Threshold Of What Very Well Might Be The Model Child Welfare System” In America

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July 19, 2017 609-888-7915


TRENTON, NJ – For the third consecutive time, the New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF) has reached a new and higher level of child welfare performance, a federal monitor’s report today shows.

The department’s performance surpasses progress reported in April that then moved U.S. District Court Judge Stanley R. Chesler to declare New Jersey is "on the threshold of what very well might be the model child welfare system in this country."

Today’s report shows DCF satisfied four more Sustainability and Exit Plan requirements and substantially complied with others.  The Exit Plan sets a path to ending federal government oversight of the state’s child welfare system.

“In less than two years, we’ve achieved and maintained eighty percent of the Exit Plan’s fifty-nine requirements,” said DCF Commissioner Allison Blake.  “And that percentage is higher – reaching eighty-six percent – when adding measures of substantial compliance.”

The newly-achieved requirements are housing for older youth exiting to non-permanency; employment and education for older youth exiting to non-permanency; placement stability for the first 12 months a child is in care; and maltreatment post-reunification.

“Our staff is energized by the pace the department is achieving the Exit Plan’s requirements,” continued Blake.  “To them, it’s another sign that their work is making a real and significant difference, and it’s creating a sense of momentum and inevitability throughout the department.  I am proud of their effort and achievement, and everything they’ve done and continue to do for New Jersey’s children and families.”

DCF substantially complied with requirements for permanency within 24 months, permanency within 48 months, and permanency within 36 months.

The department’s latest achievement brings it closer than ever to ending years of federal oversight.

DCF is dedicated to ensuring a better today and an even greater tomorrow for every individual the department serves. In partnership with New Jersey's communities, DCF ensures the safety, well-being, and success of New Jersey's children and families.  DCF funds and directly provides services and support to over 100,000 women, children, and families each month.

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