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New Jersey, like the rest of the nation, is facing challenges related to a workforce shortage in its critical social services and behavioral health sectors.  State-contracted service providers are struggling to retain or recruit new staff to fill vacancies.  Workers are moving from job to job within the field, or in some cases, are leaving the social services or behavioral health fields altogether.  Caregiver fatigue, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, is impacting workforce morale, and contributing to individual worker burnout.

As a result of workforce volatility, New Jersey is challenged to meet its commitment to residents and families who depend on State-contracted services for the administration of the social and behavioral health safety net.

But through collaboration and partnership with the provider community and affected state agencies, we can identify creative solutions to strengthen and stabilize the social and behavioral health workforce and infrastructure, to meet the needs of New Jerseyans and serve as a laboratory for best practices that other states may follow.

Through this web portal, you will be able to access information related to efforts to strengthen the social and behavioral health workforce, and connect to the conversation, to ensure that New Jersey has the thriving workforce to help us ensure that all New Jersey residents can be safe, healthy, and connected.

DCF / DHS Social and Behavioral Health Workforce Needs -- Kickoff Webinar


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