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2018 Barnegat Bay Blitz
Rain Barrel Challenge

Following these rules will help everyone have a fun and fair Rain Barrel Challenge experience:

  • The voting system is set up so that only one vote per computer, along with the name of the voter, is submitted. This is being done to ensure that each person votes once.

  • If more than one person uses your computer and also wants to vote, you must clear your Temporary Internet Files from your browser (cookies, history, browsing data). There are many ways to do this, depending on your browser. Instructions for each browser can be found by typing "Clear Temporary Internet files" into the search engine that you are using. Once you have done this you must click on "Refresh" for this voting site and then the next computer user can cast their vote. You may also need to close the web browser entirely before being able to vote again.

  • DEP staff are monitoring the number of votes that are received from each computer. If a high number of votes are submitted from a single computer and these cannot be verified, DEP reserves the right to accept only one vote from that computer address.

Directions for voting on the barrels below:
  • Click on each rain barrel to open a large rotating image of that barrel
  • Select your favorite barrel design from among the 10 entrants;
  • Type in your name;
  • Be certain to select the correct barrel number for your favorite barrel; and
  • Voting has ended. Scores are being recorded and we will announce the winner soon!
Click to Enlarge Image Below

RainBarrel Challenge : Barrel #1
RainBarrel Challenge : Barrel #2
RainBarrel Challenge : Barrel #3
RainBarrel Challenge : Barrel #4
RainBarrel Challenge : Barrel 5
RainBarrel Challenge : Barrel #6
RainBarrel Challenge : Barrel 7
RainBarrel Challenge : Barrel #8
RainBarrel Challenge : Barrel #9
RainBarrel Challenge : Barrel #10

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