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September 11, 2006


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New Jersey State Agriculture Development Committee: Preserving Our growing Heritage

Frankford Township Awarded $40,000 State Grant to Help Develop TDR Plan

(NJ Department of Agriculture News Release)

The State Transfer of Development Rights Bank Board has awarded Frankford Township, Sussex County, a $40,000 matching grant to help it conduct the planning necessary to implement a successful transfer of development rights (TDR) program, Agriculture Secretary Charles M. Kuperus announced today.

“This grant will assist Frankford Township in completing the planning process to develop a TDR program that protects its important farmland and open space,” said Agriculture Secretary Charles M. Kuperus, who chairs the State TDR Bank Board. “We support Frankford Township officials in undertaking this planning effort and fostering the ongoing public dialogue that is so critical to ensuring a successful TDR program and retaining the rural character of the township.”

“This program will protect important farmlands and the quality of life in Frankford Township,” added Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Susan Bass Levin. “Frankford Township is taking advantage of this powerful tool and investing in their future, changing the way development occurs in their community by preserving open space and focusing development in the right places.”

“Frankford Township has beautiful vistas and undeveloped areas that contain wetlands, streams, woodlands and farms,” said Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Lisa P. Jackson. “By supporting growth in the town center – away from the open areas – we can protect water quality and wildlife and preserve the town’s rural character.”

Frankford Township received a $20,000 check that represents the first installment in the planning assistance grant. It will be eligible for the remaining $20,000 once it has developed a TDR ordinance and submitted it to the State Planning Commission.

Before a TDR ordinance is adopted, a municipality is required to conduct a number of planning activities. These include preparation of a development transfer plan element of its municipal master plan that identifies sending and receiving areas, analyzes anticipated population and economic growth, and establishes the planning objectives and design standards that will be used to review applications for development in the receiving area. Other required planning activities include preparation of a utility service plan element, a real estate analysis and a capital improvement program to ensure the receiving area will have the capacity to accommodate the increased growth. Grant funds may be used to pay for up to 50 percent of the costs of these planning activities.

Frankford Township is working to preserve farmland and open space in the township by implementing a TDR program that will concentrate growth within Frankford Center, located at Ross’s Corner adjacent to Skylands Stadium and the state fairgrounds. The township has more than 10,000 acres of farmland-assessed lands.

TDR programs are designed to encourage a shift in growth away from a municipality’s critical agricultural, environmentally sensitive or historic lands (sending areas) to areas that can accommodate the growth more readily (receiving areas). Landowners in sending areas are able to sell their development rights – or development credits – to developers who can use them to build elsewhere in a designated growth area (receiving area) at a higher density than normally allowed in a town’s zoning ordinance. Once TDR credits are sold from a sending area property, that property is permanently preserved.

The New Jersey State TDR Bank provides financial and other assistance to landowners and municipalities that enact TDR ordinances. The bank is housed within the N.J. State Agriculture Development Committee, which administers the state Farmland Preservation Program.





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