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Service Fees
 (Extraordinary Time & Special)

Copy Fees
Pursuant to OPRA (C.47:1A-5c & C47:1A-5d), the Department will apply service fees for any extraordinary expenditure of time and effort to accommodate a request.  The service fees will be based upon the actual direct cost of providing the service or extraordinary time.  If the requester objects to the fee, the request is closed and access to the records is not granted.

Requesters can utilizes their own Copy Vendor Service or use the Department's Copying Unit to have copies of government records made. The DEP Fee for copies is a follows:

Hard Copies

Letter & Legal size = $0.05 per page
Over-Sized Maps (Color) = $5.00 per map
Over-Sized Maps (B&W) = $3.00 per map

Electronic Records

Compact Discs (CDs) = $0.55 per CD
Digital Video Discs (DVDs = $0.55 per DVD
Mailing Costs Other
Mailing costs to ship copied records to requesters will be based on their selected shipping means (U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS) and be the direct costs for shipping. Pursuant to OPRA (C.47:1A-5d), the DEP will charge a special service fee that shall be reasonable and shall be based on the cost for any extensive use of information technology, or for the labor cost of personnel providing the service, that is actually incurred by the DEP or attributable to the DEP for the programming, clerical, and supervisory assistance required, or both, if a request is for a copy of a record:

  1. in a medium not routinely used by the agency;
  2. not routinely developed or maintained by an agency; or
  3. requiring a substantial amount of manipulation or programming of information technology.