New Jersey Department of Education

Office of Fiscal Accountability and Compliance

The Office of Fiscal Accountability and Compliance (OFAC) acts on the Commissioner’s behalf in the receipt, exchange, review and investigation of information relevant to the efficient supervision of all schools in the state receiving support or aid from federal and state appropriations, in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:4-23.  The office is responsible for all investigative and numerous auditing functions conducted by the NJDOE, criminal background checks of applicants for positions in New Jersey schools and the oversight of internal audit units in the State-Operated School Districts.  Also, through the Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning, the OFAC provides guidance surrounding school safety and security issues. 

In addition, the Director of OFAC oversees the consolidated monitoring teams which review the districts’ programs for Every Student Succeeds Act Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV; Carl D. Perkins, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and Special Education throughout the state.   

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