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Divisions & Offices

Our agency provides several services – from teacher certification to information about per-pupil spending – to achieve our mission and vision. Find out more information about our divisions and individual offices below.

Division of Academics and Performance


Comprised of the Offices of Standards; Career Readiness; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); Innovation; and Professional Learning, the Division of Academics is charged with supporting implementation of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in New Jersey School Districts; providing multiple educational opportunities for students; and empowering educators.

Office of Career Readiness

Office of Professional Learning

Office of Standards

Office of STEM


Deputy Assistant Commissioner: Diana Pasculli

Comprised of the Offices of Assessment; Performance Management; Recruitment, Recognition and Preparation; and Certification and Induction, leads the development of state assessments, educator preparation and school performance reports.

Office of Assessments

Office of Certification/Induction

Office of Performance Management

Office of Recruitment and Preparation


Division of Early Childhood Education

Assistant Commissioner: Cary Booker

Deputy Assistant Commissioner: Tonya Hall Coston

The Division of Early Childhood Education (DECE) has programmatic responsibilities for all state-funded preschool programs and all kindergarten through third grade programs housed within two offices: The Office of Preschool Education and the Office of Kindergarten to Third Grade Education. Five additional functions serving birth-to-three statewide programs are housed in the DECE: The Office of Head Start Collaboration, the NJ Council for Young Children, the Early Learning Commission, the Interdepartmental Planning Group, and collaborative operations with all other state departments serving NJ’s young children and their families. 

DECE’s mission is to enhance the cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development of New Jersey's young children from preschool through third grade by supporting the implementation of high-quality, developmentally appropriate, comprehensive programs and services that address the needs of the whole child.

Office of K-3 Education

Office of Preschool Education

Division of Executive Services 

Assistant Commissioner/Chief of Staff: Kellie LeDet

Deputy Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Chief of Staff: Kim Walker

Executive Services oversees special projects for the Governor and the Commissioner and coordinate Department initiatives across divisions.

Office of Budget and Accounting

Office of Charter and Renaissance Schools

Office of Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

Office of Strategic Operations

Capital Resources

Deputy Chief of Staff: Dodi Price

Administrative Services partners with DOE employees to provide collaborative customer service to ensure that the Department builds and retains a highly skilled and diverse workforce. It also oversees facility and emergency management, provides printing and graphics services, and manages distribution services.

Office of Human Capital Resources

Office of Human Capital Talent Services


Deputy Assistant Commissioner: Kim Walker

This unit strategically advances the Commissioner’s and Governor’s agenda by timely distribution and deliberate promotion of messaging and materials to enhance the department’s mission; assisting in, or supporting, the creation of tools and resources necessary to be a model organization; ensuring all fiscal transactions comply with federal and state law and regulations; serving as a central point of information and developing key activities that strategically connect stakeholders of the NJDOE to initiatives, programs, and resources linked to student, and family services

Office of Civic and Social Engagement

Office of Communications

Legal Affairs

Executive Legal Affairs Officer: Salma T. Chand

Legal Affairs is charged with assisting the New Jersey School Ethics Commission; supporting the Commissioner in fulfilling responsibilities related to the contested case process; disputes under school law and regulations; enforcing laws that governs the ethical conduct of school officials; enforcing the New Jersey State Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Work Place; and ensuring that all employees are aware of and comply with state ethics laws, regulations, and executive orders. The Executive Legal Affairs Officer’s primary responsibility is to provide general support and guidance to the Commissioner, the Chief of Staff, as well as the various divisions/offices within the Department in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office.

Office of Controversies and Disputes

Office of School Ethics and Compliance

Legislative Affairs

Deputy Chief of Staff: Colleen Schulz-Eskow

Legislative Affairs coordinates the Department’s responses to state and federal legislation and fulfills the responsibility of the Department to interact with State Legislature, the federal government, and other governmental agencies and interest groups. The Office of Charter and Renaissance Schools is the sole charter school authorizer in the state and is responsible for ensuring charter and renaissance schools are providing New Jersey students with a high-quality public education.

Office of Charter & Renaissance Schools

Office of Legislative Affairs/Policy Development


Division of Field Services

Provides supports to district and school leaders and teachers to ensure all students are meeting the requirements of state and federal requirements and utilizing resources effectively in pursuit of high levels of student achievement.

Office of Fiscal Accountability and Compliance

Office of Comprehensive Support

Office of Professional Learning Network

Office of Student Support Services

Deputy Assistant Commissioner: Daryl Minus Vincent

Office of Field Services Coordination

Office of District Intervention & Support

Deputy Assistant Commissioner: 

Office of Comprehensive Support

Office of Professional Learning Network

Office of Student Support Services

Deputy Assistant Commissioner: Kerlyn Espinal

Amistad Commission

Holocaust Commission

Italian & Italian American Heritage Commission

Latino and Hispanic Heritage Commission



Division of Finance

Assistant Commissioner/Chief Financial Officer: Kevin Dehmer

Deputy Assistant Commissioner: Glenn Forney

Provides fiscal and operational support to the Department and to districts in the form of expertise, guidance and related technical assistance, in an effort to maximize the Department's and districts' financial resources in providing a thorough and efficient education.

Office of Fiscal Policy and Planning

Office of Grants Management

Office of Information Technology

Office of Interdistrict Choice and Nonpublic Schools

Office of Monitors

Office of School Facility Planning

Office of School Facility Projects

Office of School Finance


Division of Student Services

Assistant Commissioner:  Peggy McDonald

Deputy Assistant Commissioner: A. Charles Wright, Ed.D

Oversees support services for all students including Special Education students, and supplemental educational programs emcompassing programs for bilingual, disadvantaged, homeless, immigrant, and migrant students. The Division also provides professional development on supports and interventions that are integrated and improve achievement and outcomes for all students.

Office of Fiscal and Data Services

Office of Special Education

Office of Special Education Policy & Dispute Resolution

Office of Supplemental Educational Programs

Marie H. Katzenbach School for the Deaf

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