New Jersey Department of Education

Test Centers

Required Identification

In order to demonstrate eligibility applicants are required to provide:
Driver’s Licenses, Permits, Passports, Voter registrations, School/College ID, Employee ID, or other photo identification, valid or expired, that has been issued by a public entity or private third party.

And one or more of the following:

  • Property tax bills; deeds; contracts of sale; leases; mortgages; signed letters from landlords; and other evidence of property ownership, tenancy, or residency;
  • Financial account information; utility bills; delivery receipts; and other evidence of personal attachment to a particular location;
  • Court orders; State agency agreements; and other evidence of court or agency placements or directives;
  • Receipts; bills; cancelled checks; insurance claims or payments; and other evidence of expenditures demonstrating personal attachment to a particular location or to support the test taker
  • Medical reports; counselor or social worker assessments; employment documents; unemployment claims; benefit statements; and other evidence of circumstances demonstrating family or economic hardship, or temporary residency;
  • Affidavits, certifications, and sworn attestations pertaining to statutory criteria from the parent, guardian, person keeping an “affidavit student," adult student, person(s) with whom a family is living, or others, as appropriate;
  • Documents pertaining to military status and assignment; and
  • Any other business record or document issued by a governmental entity.


Vendor (Test) Cost
Fee per Subtest
GED (GED) $144.00

$10 (paid to test center)

$36 (after second retest)

GED (Online Proctoring) $144.00


$6.99 for each GED-ready test 

Note: GED allows two free retests if taken within the same calendar year. Test centers can charge the administrative fee above based on whether they retest on the complete battery or a single subset. After the two free retests are taken in a calendar year, any other retests will include the test vendor subtest fee as well as an administrative fee.

If a school or employer requires you to obtain a higher total score or a higher score on specific sections of the test,
you may retest even after you have passed the GED. However, the test center and the NJDOE need written
verification from the employer or school requesting the higher score. Any new scores will be updated on your

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