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Morris Plains School District Choice Profile for 2022-23 School Year

Morris Plains School District
520 Speedwell Avenue, Suite 116 
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Morris County

District grades: K-8
Approved choice grades: K-8
Total number of students enrolled in district: 15

Choice parent information center phone number: 973-531-9510
Name of program contact: Ami Wieners
Phone number & email of program contact:

Choice Program

Mountain Way School 

Mountain Way School is an early childhood learning community serving the needs of Morris Plains’ children in preschool through second grade. Our school philosophy embraces each child entering school and recognizes his or her unique needs, abilities, aptitudes, and interests. A creative, caring, and competent professional staff encourages every child to learn, grow, and flourish within a challenging yet supportive environment. Children develop positive self-esteem coupled with a love for learning, acquisition of knowledge, and problem solving skills.

The academic program in the primary schools is comprehensive and enriched with instruction in the subject areas of language arts literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science being implemented by classroom teachers. Special emphasis is placed on the language arts areas of writing, speaking and listening. Health, physical education, music, art, computers and library skills are coordinated by certified area specialists who meet regularly with each class. A Primary Enrichment Program exists for gifted and talented students in Kindergarten through Second Grade. Additionally, two integrated Preschool Classes serve the needs of our youngest children, and one classroom at the first and second grade level is co-taught by a general education teacher and special education teacher, providing a great opportunity for all students to learn together.

Mountain Way School is truly an exciting and challenging learning environment where children learn, grow, and flourish as individuals. This is due, in large measure, to a team of dedicated staff and an involved parent community who cooperatively focus on meeting the needs of all members of the learning community.

Borough School

The Morris Plains Borough School features a comprehensive curriculum for students in 3rd through 8th grade. Student success is noticeable as a reflection of the varied programs and activities which are offered, in academics, athletics and the arts. Our students are provided with a warm, safe, nurturing environment in which to learn. We believe that when children feel good about themselves they are most able to achieve at their highest levels. We offer a challenging curriculum that engages the students and prepares them for high school. Our students achieve at the highest levels at both the public and private high schools that they attend. Our mission is to provide a safe and stable learning environment in which all students can acquire the skills to become confident, self-directed, life-long learners and contributing members of society.

The school district is truly a “School Community” with its membership working collaboratively, focusing on improving instructional practices and programs that will directly impact student success. Students, teachers, administrators, and parents have a vested interest in this success. The Borough School goals this year continue to focus on the improvement of language arts literacy skills, especially in the ongoing improvement of student writing proficiency across the curriculum. There is also an added focus on the implementation of a new mathematics curriculum and the instructional tools and resources that go with it.

As a progressive school district, we recognize the advancements made in technology on a yearly basis. We have many technological resources available to students and staff. In specific, 2 computer labs, smartboard and easiteach board in every classroom, Elmos, notebook carts, two iPad carts (25 iPads/cart), and desktop computers stationed in our interactive media center. Additionally, classrooms and learning centers are equipped with Redcat Sound Amplification Systems for Sound Waves. These devices assist with student focus and making instruction more accessible for students in the classroom.

Borough School students have the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities, such as: Art Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, Jazz Band, Jr. Band, Band, Media Crew, and Student Government via Student Council. Homework Club is offered to those students who need extra help in completing and organizing themselves with homework. Our after school sports programs include: boys and girls soccer, cross country, basketball and track & field teams, cheerleading, girls softball, boys baseball, and intramural sport programs.

Communication is an important component of our overall school program. Parents utilize a web- based program called School Brains to view student reports. These reports include absence records, schedules, and grades. Also, each teacher maintains a homework webpage.


Choice Seats Availability

The purpose of the chart below is to inform parents of choice seat availability before the application deadline in early December. After the deadline, the information will be outdated.

The Department of Education limits the number of choice seats that each district can fill. The “maximum number of new choice students that can be enrolled” tells parents how many new choice students the district can enroll in the next school year. If more than the maximum number of applications is received, a lottery will be held and a waitlist will be developed. Waitlists will be developed for all approved choice grades even if no seats are currently available. NA indicates the district is not accepting choice applications for those grades.

Maximum Number of New Choice Students that can be Enrolled: 4 
School Name: Mountain Way School K-2/Borough School 3-8


Seat availability per grade

K  Available
1  Available
2  Available
3  Available
4  Available
5  Available
6  Available
7  Available
8  Available
9  Not Available (no waitlist will be developed)
10  Not Available (no waitlist will be developed)
11  Not Available (no waitlist will be developed)
12  Not Available (no waitlist will be developed)



District Choice Policies

Indicate Yes/No/NA 

The district accepts Tier 2 students (see definitions of Tier 1 and Tier 2 ).


The district gives enrollment preference to choice applicants who have a sibling currently attending the choice district, provided there are choice seats available in the choice-approved grades/programs and the students meet any program-specific criteria.


The district gives enrollment preference to choice applicants who have completed the terminal grade of the sending district (i.e., students who attend a choice district with grades that terminate before 12th grade and have a natural progression to this choice district), provided there are choice seats available in the choice-approved grades/programs and the students meet any program-specific criteria.


The district gives enrollment preference to resident students who move before the application deadline. If resident students move and file choice applications for the following year prior to the deadline, the district will give them enrollment preference (i.e., accept them after the enrollment preference students described in b. and c. above, but ahead of other applicants), provided there are choice seats available in the choice-approved grades/programs and the students meet any program-specific criteria. If the district has already reached its approved choice enrollment maximum, this preference will not apply.


The district gives special consideration to resident students who move after the application deadline. Students in this situation may apply as late applicants and be added to the front of the district’s waitlist, provided the students will enroll in a choice-approved grade/program and they meet any program-specific criteria. No additional choice seats above the maximum will be approved by the NJDOE to accommodate these students.


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