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Roxbury Township School District Choice Profile for 2022-23 School Year

Roxbury Township School District 
42 North Hillside Avenue 
Succasunna, NJ 07876
Morris County

District grades: K - 12
Approved choice grades: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Total number of students enrolled in district: 3,488

Choice parent information center phone number: 973-584-6099 x5002
Name of program contact: Dr. Loretta Radulic, Superintendent of Schools
Phone number & email of program contact: 973-584-6099 x5002;

Choice Program

The Roxbury Township School District is proud to be part of the interdistrict school choice program for the fine and performing arts with educational opportunities for middle school and high school students.    

At Roxbury High School, interdistrict choice students will be able to avail themselves of an extensive performing arts curriculum that includes three levels of symphonic band, four levels of choir, many levels of dance, an accomplished strings program, electives such as music theory and Broadway musical theatre, and AP Music Theory. In addition, there are five select group choirs, a variety of wind ensembles, and two marching bands that allow students to pursue interests beyond the school day in the co-curricular domain. There is an annual fall drama and a spring musical that bring together the best of the performing artists in shows that rival professional presentations. The aspiring visual artist will find an extensive curriculum as well, with a four-year, college-prep track including AP Art Studio, and numerous electives that include graphic design, yearbook production, four levels of ceramics, and three of photography. Opportunities in the co-curricular area are also available in the visual arts.

Students at Eisenhower Middle School will find broad curricular opportunities too, with symphonic bands for 7th and 8th grade, choirs for 7th and 8th grade, and strings ensembles in each grade. Plus there are co-curricular instrumental and choral opportunities at the middle school including a musical production. Art is taught as a cycle course at the Middle School; and through our 8th Grade Art Enrichment Program rising 8th grade students can apply for the opportunity to take our high school level Art One Visual Essentials course. Classes for this program are typically held after school twice a week at Eisenhower; and students earn high school credits and fulfill their art requirement for Roxbury High School’s traditional art classes, such as Art II, Drawing & Painting, Modern Illustration, Yearbook Production, & Portfolio Development.   

Importantly, all students in the interdistrict school choice program at Roxbury will be integrated into the entire school program. Roxbury High School maintains a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the needs of every student, providing a broad array of college preparatory courses, career subjects, and electives. Among our offerings are 21 honors courses in English, World Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Accounting, and Music, as well as 20 Advanced Placement courses. We offer three World Languages and a broad elective program in the Industrial Arts, Business, and Family and Consumer Science areas. There are also electives in physical education/health curriculum that allow students to choose High Performance or Wellness courses. At the middle school, students are heterogeneously grouped on interdisciplinary teams. The core content area teachers are comprised of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In addition, Computer Science, World Language, Art, Music, Number Sense, Strategic Thinking, Creative Writing, and Health and Physical Education are taught through cycle courses. As Informational Literacy is essential in today's world, technology is integrated across all curricula.   

In addition to the superior fine and performing arts offerings, and the excellent curricular program, students may also avail themselves of many co-curricular opportunities at the Roxbury High School. This includes an outstanding interscholastic athletic program and over 30 clubs and activities. Our student newspaper, Roxbury Review, and yearbook ECHO have received numerous state awards for their excellence and students from many other co-curricular activities represent Roxbury at local, state, and national competitions. The middle school also provides an athletic program and vibrant co-curricular opportunities. We can proudly say that all of our students continue to improve their schools and their community through their spirit and their involvement in various service and humanitarian endeavors.  


Choice Seats Availability

The purpose of the chart below is to inform parents of choice seat availability before the application deadline in early December. After the deadline, the information will be outdated.

The Department of Education limits the number of choice seats that each district can fill. The “maximum number of new choice students that can be enrolled” tells parents how many new choice students the district can enroll in the next school year. If more than the maximum number of applications is received, a lottery will be held and a waitlist will be developed. Waitlists will be developed for all approved choice grades even if no seats are currently available. NA indicates the district is not accepting choice applications for those grades.

Maximum Number of New Choice Students that can be Enrolled: 6 
Specialized Choice Program Name: Fine and Performing Arts Program


Seat availability per grade

K  Not Available (no waitlist will be developed)
1  Not Available (no waitlist will be developed)
2  Not Available (no waitlist will be developed)
3  Not Available (no waitlist will be developed)
4  Not Available (no waitlist will be developed)
5  Not Available (no waitlist will be developed)
6  Not Available (no waitlist will be developed)
7  Available
8  Available
9  Available
10  Available
11  Available
12  Available



District Choice Policies

Indicate Yes/No/NA 

The district accepts Tier 2 students (see definitions of Tier 1 and Tier 2 ).


The district gives enrollment preference to choice applicants who have a sibling currently attending the choice district, provided there are choice seats available in the choice-approved grades/programs and the students meet any program-specific criteria.


The district gives enrollment preference to choice applicants who have completed the terminal grade of the sending district (i.e., students who attend a choice district with grades that terminate before 12th grade and have a natural progression to this choice district), provided there are choice seats available in the choice-approved grades/programs and the students meet any program-specific criteria.


The district gives enrollment preference to resident students who move before the application deadline. If resident students move and file choice applications for the following year prior to the deadline, the district will give them enrollment preference (i.e., accept them after the enrollment preference students described in b. and c. above, but ahead of other applicants), provided there are choice seats available in the choice-approved grades/programs and the students meet any program-specific criteria. If the district has already reached its approved choice enrollment maximum, this preference will not apply.


The district gives special consideration to resident students who move after the application deadline. Students in this situation may apply as late applicants and be added to the front of the district’s waitlist, provided the students will enroll in a choice-approved grade/program and they meet any program-specific criteria. No additional choice seats above the maximum will be approved by the NJDOE to accommodate these students.


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