New Jersey Department of Education

Archive Applicant Request

  1. Access the Archive process.

  2. Select the second option:  "Archive Application Request (Applicants Previously Fingerprinted for the Department of Education and Approved Subsequent to February 2003)."

  3. Enter your Social Security number to ascertain if you are eligible for the process.  Click "Continue."

  4. Select the appropriate Applicant Authorization and Certification form (AA&C) that is suitable to your job position and employer.

  5. Complete the requested applicant information to include the county/district/school/ contractor codes furnished to you by your employer and proceed to the Legal Certification.  In order to continue with the ePayment process, read and accept the terms of the AA&C by checking the box.  Click "Next"

  6. Submit your credit card payment.  Total payment is $29.75 ($28.75 plus a $1.00 convenience fee charged by the private vendor).  Click "Continue" and then click "Make Payment" at the bottom of the next page.

  7. The Payment Confirmation page will state "Your ePayment transaction has been processed successfully."  You should print a copy of this receipt.

  8. In about two weeks, you will be able to view and print your "Applicant Approval Employment History" by accessing it on the Office of Student Protection website.  Provide a copy to your employer.

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