New Jersey Department of Education

The Office of Student Protection Unit (OSP) conducts criminal background checks of applicants for positions in New Jersey's public schools, private schools for students with disabilities, charter schools, and nonpublic schools, as well as for authorized vendors and authorized school bus contractors, by working through the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Read this before you apply…

To complete this application, a Microsoft internet browser like Internet Explorer or Edge is recommended. All other operating systems and internet browsers are unreliable with this program. Do not use Smart phones, tablets, iPads or other mobile devices.

There are three different types of applications to select from to complete the Criminal History record check. Please read the descriptions below to determine which of the applications is correct for you.


You have never worked for a school, a bus contractor, or a vendor, or

You were fingerprinted by Office of Student Protection before March 2003, and are changing school districts, bus contractors or vendors, or

You were originally fingerprinted as a College Student or as a Volunteer and paid a reduced fingerprinting fee, or

You were previously disqualified by Office of Student Protection and have had your criminal record expunged…

Then you are a new applicant.


You were fingerprinted and approved by Office of Student Protection after February 2003, and are changing school districts or vendors or

You are a school bus driver renewing your "S" endorsement and were fingerprinted and approved after February 2003 …

Then you are an archive applicant.


You were fingerprinted and approved by Office of Student Protection after March 2003, and

You were fingerprinted for a substitute or bus driver position, and

You have been employed in a substitute position continuously by a school or vendor since the first year your criminal history approval was issued, and you can provide

a Verification of Employment memo ...

Then you are a transfer applicant.

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