New Jersey Department of Education

Equity in Education

The Internal Equity Team created the following draft Commitment Statement that summarizes what the NJDOE will do to drive equity work forward. In its quest for improved educational outcomes for all students, particularly those historically underserved, the NJDOE is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion- both internally and externally – as reflected in the following drivers of our efforts:

  • Actively pursue equitable education and life opportunities for historically underserved students. Assure that these students are prioritized in the Department’s policy, practice and advocacy endeavors so they receive the necessary supports and resources needed to excel academically and be strongly prepared for post-secondary success.
  • Work to assure NJDOE leaders, staff members, and partner organizations reflect and value the diversity of the State, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, culture, class, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, mental and physical ability, religion, age, and linguistics.
  • Hire and nurture a staff that embodies, values, and respects diversity in all its forms – talent, work experience, perspectives, lifestyles, backgrounds, and beliefs.
  • Thoughtfully review all policy and program decisions through an equity lens; solicit and incorporate diverse perspectives into deliberations, reflect on ways that any given decision or policy will open, or potentially close, doors of opportunity, access, or inclusion.
  • Expect respectful, innovative, and authentic engagement within the Department, and also with partners including state and district leaders, policymakers, and advocates.
  • Provide necessary personal and professional learning and leadership opportunities to ensure individuals’ and the Department’s continued learning, development and positive impact.

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