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Certified Educational Facilities Manager (CEFM) Program

Pursuant to C.18A:17-50, any person employed by a board of education of a school district as a “buildings and grounds supervisor” is required to be a Certified Educational Facilities Manager (CEFM). CEFM certification is administered by the NJDOE’s Office of School Facilities Planning. Information concerning the program and certification requirements and links to applications for initial certification and renewal, a list of approved continuing education courses, and manager certification status are provided below. Questions can be directed to


  • Email all CEFM applications to DO NOT mail applications; Paper submissions are no longer accepted.
  • CEFM initial and renewal certificates are emailed as PDFs. Paper certificates are no longer issued.
  • The CEFM status list is typically updated during the first week of each month. If you are retired and would like to be removed from the CEFM status list, email with the request.

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Overview of Requirements

An individual seeking to become a certified educational facilities manager must demonstrate compliance with one of the following criteria:

  • Has a minimum of two years of experience in the field of buildings and grounds supervision related to school facilities and has graduated from the New Jersey Educational Facility Management Program offered at Rutgers University, Center for Government Services, or an equivalent program offered at either a regionally accredited institution of higher education or an approved post-secondary institution located within or outside the State; or
  • Is a code enforcement official licensed by the Department of Community Affairs and was serving as a supervisor of buildings and grounds on January 10, 2000; or
  • Has served as a supervisor of buildings and grounds in a district continuously for five years prior to September 1, 2002.

A school district may hire an individual as a buildings and grounds supervisor who is not a certified educational facilities manager on an interim basis for a period of up to two years. This allows an applicant to be employed in a school district while working toward the completion of CEFM certification requirements.

After initial certification, each CEFM must complete 20 units of NJDOE-approved continuing education units (CEUs) every three years and apply for certification renewal. The continuing education courses are in fields of study related to school facilities in the state. (See “Quick Links” for the approved course list.)

Initial CEFM Application

After completing the required Educational Facility Management program at Rutgers University and two years of buildings and grounds supervisory experience related to school facilities, applicants should download and complete the Initial Application (PDF). Submission instructions and supporting document requirements are included on the form.

Importation application considerations:

  • Do not email incomplete submissions. In most cases, a complete application consists of (1) the completed Initial Application, (2) a PDF of a signed letter from a school district administrator or an employer contracted with a school district attesting to the applicant having at least two years of experience in buildings and grounds supervision, or PDFs of school district employment contracts demonstrating two years of supervisory experience, and (3) a PDF of the applicant’s graduation certificate from the New Jersey Educational Facility Management Program at Rutgers University.
  • Do not submit the initial application until the requirement of two years of school facilities supervisory experience has been met. Please note that a school district may select a person who is not a CEFM to perform the duties of a buildings and grounds supervisor on an interim basis for up to two years to allow the applicant to gain the required experience for CEFM certification.
  • An “equivalent program” to the New Jersey Educational Facility Management Program at Rutgers University is not offered elsewhere at this time.

Renewal CEFM Application

Pursuant to C.18A:17-54, each CEFM shall apply to the Department of Education for renewal of the prior CEFM authorization every three years. The renewal application requires the completion of at least 20 hours of continuing education credits in fields of study related to school facilities, as approved by the NJDOE, in the prior three years. One hour of contact time usually equates to one CEU, unless otherwise stated. Approved courses are offered throughout the year online and during various conferences and conventions. Future continuing education opportunities can be found on the New Jersey Buildings and Grounds Association website at Links to CEFM certification status and approved CEFM continuing education courses are provided below.

After fulfilling continuing education requirements, download and complete the Renewal Application (PDF). Submission instructions and supporting document requirements are included on the form.

Importation renewal considerations:

  • Do not email incomplete submissions. A complete renewal request consists of a completed Renewal Application form and PDFs of continuing education certificates that minimally total 20 credits.
  • All course credits for the renewal application must have a unique course code and cannot be listed more than once on the application. Multiple certificates from the same class, regardless of different attendance dates, will not be counted.
  • Do not include certificates for classes that are not listed in the NJDOE-approved CEFM CEU course list.
  • If an authorized CEFM does not file an approvable renewal application within three years from the prior certification, the CEFM authorization will become inactive until the renewal application is submitted and approved.
  • If the CEFM holder does not renew their certification within two years after the expiration of their authorization, their authorization will become suspended and will not be reactivated until the CEFM holder completes a refresher course at Rutgers University and submits an approvable renewal application.

If an individual, group, or organization would like to apply for a course to be added as an approved CEFM continuing education course, complete the Course Approval Application (PDF).

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