New Jersey Department of Education

Transfer of Student Records

4.1 When a determination is made that remaining in the district of residence is not in a child's best interest, to prevent educational discontinuity LEAs must ensure that a child in foster care is enrolled immediately in his/her new school even if the student does not have the required documentation.

4.2 The enrolling school immediately must contact a child's district of residence to obtain all relevant academic records and pertinent documentation (ESEA §1111(g)(1)(E)(iii)), and the district of residence immediately must transfer those records.

4.3 LEAs shall not deny or delay enrollment of a child in foster care, because documentation normally required for enrollment has not been provided (ESEA §1111(g)(1)(E).

4.4 LEAs must ensure that children in foster care are regularly attending and fully participating in school, and that their educational needs are being met.

4.5 LEAs must take affirmative steps to revise policies that are barriers to enrollment and attendance for children in foster care.

4.6 The district of residence is the present district in which the parent or guardian resides, and with whom the child lived prior to their placement in foster care (N.J.S.A. 18A:7B-12). When a child in foster care is enrolled in a school district other than the school district of residence, the school district of residence shall pay to the school district of enrollment the tuition costs pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:38-19.

4.7 LEAs should develop policies and procedures for tuition reimbursement to avoid any barriers to immediate enrollment. 

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