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While the Latino & Hispanic Heritage Commission webpage remains under construction, please enjoy these videos below. 

U.S. Education Secretary Shares Celebratory Hispanic Heritage Month Message

Dr. Miguel Cardona, the United States Secretary of Education, shares an uplifting message for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Watch below to hear Dr. Cardona’s message on how building back better also means ensuring that Latinx students also receive an equitable education and that this community’s successes are celebrated.

Dr. Miguel Cardona, who was born in Connecticut to parents of Puerto Rican descent, shares how his Latino heritage and multilingual, multicultural legacy has uplifted his life beyond measure. In this video message, Dr. Cardona says his cultural background has shaped him in various ways, including as an educator and leader. Dr. Cardona emphasizes the importance of diversity in helping students - particularly students of color - to see themselves reflected positively in what they're learning.


Angel Santiago, the 2020-21 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year

Angel Santiago, the 2020-21 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year, shares what motivates him and his work in this this Univision41 clip. (Link in Spanish)

Angel Santiago was also featured on the South Jersey Girls podcast. To listen to his interview, click here.

Sen. Bob Menendez: Hispanic Heritage Month: New Jersey Department of Education

Cuban-American Sen. Robert “Bob” Menendez urges students to “continue to reach new heights” in his Hispanic Heritage Month message.


United Nations Ambassador Carlos Garcia: Hispanic Heritage Month: New Jersey Department of Education

Amb. Carlos Garcia, the Secretary General of El Salvador to the United Nations, talks about the importance of juvenile leadership in creating an equal society for all.


Dr. Leonor Lega, SPU: Hispanic Heritage Month: New Jersey Department of Education

St. Peter's University Professor Leonor Lega speaks about the importance of being bilingual. 


Maria Romero, NJDOE: Hispanic Heritage Month

Maria Romero from the New Jersey Department of Education discusses the Seal of Biliteracy (video in Spanish).


Edgar Aquino Huerta: DREAMer, Rowan University

DREAMer Edgar Aquino Huerta, a student at Rowan University, talks about helping fellow DREAMers navigate financial aid applications.


Denis Hamlett, NY Redbulls: Hispanic Heritage Month: New Jersey Department of Education

New York Red Bulls' Coach Denis Hamlett encourages our youth to be good students and good athletes. "They go hand in hand," Hamlett says. Watch his entire message here. 


Saul Josue Lopez Narrates an Art Exhibit Featuring Salvadorean Artists

This art exhibit features artists from El Salvador like Jose Guzman, Saul Lopez Sr., Saul Josue Lopez, Jr., Miguel Mira, Herbert Orellana, and Roxana Musseli.


Celebrations of Hispanic/Latino Folklore Dancing

Nicaragua: Hispanic Heritage Month: New Jersey Department of Education

Video courtesy of Mayra Dominguez, the Vice-Chair of the Hispanic State Parade.

Palacio de Gobierno en Lima Perú

Video courtesy of Rosa Sayas, secretary of the Hispanic State Parade.

 Fiesta de Gala Del Comunidad Salvadoreña en New Jersey 

 Tango by Julio Bassan and Yamila Viana performing at the All Night Milonga NYC

All Night Milonga, Stepping Out Studios, NYC. Sat, February 11, 2012

Julio is of the new breed of tanguero from Buenos Aires. An extraordinary, in-demand stage performer, known for his elegant, sultry moves and smoldering theatricality, he is an excellent and caring teacher of creative, social dancing, emphasizing connection, musicality, embrace and rhythmic improvisation. He adapts guardia vieja (old guard) moves to 21st Century dance floors with originality, sensitivity and humor.

A versatile and innovative dancer, Yamila Viana was trained in dance since childhood. Although her quality of movement is derived from many dance disciplines, tango has been an been an integral part of her dance for over 14 years.


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