New Jersey Department of Education


All school districts in New Jersey are required to have a school safety and security plan. Each plan must be designed locally with the help of law enforcement, emergency management, public health officials and all other key stakeholders. All plans must be reviewed and updated on an annual basis. These plans include procedures to respond to critical incidents ranging from bomb threats, fires and gas leaks, to an active shooter situation.

New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:16-5.1 School Safety and Security Plans requires each school district to have a school safety and security plan that meets the minimum state requirements. The format and content of school safety and security plans are established by the Domestic Security Preparedness Task Force and the Commissioner of Education.

Each school district shall develop and implement comprehensive plans, procedures and mechanisms that provide for safety and security in the public elementary and secondary schools of the school district. The plans and procedures, which shall be in written form, and the mechanisms, at a minimum, must provide for:

  1. The protection of the health, safety, security and welfare of the school population;
  2. The prevention of, intervention in, response to and recovery from emergency and crisis situations;
  3. The establishment and maintenance of a climate of civility; and
  4. Supportive services for staff, students and their families.

The New Jersey State Police School Safety & Outreach Unit has created a template for School Safety and Security Plans. Click the link and scroll to downloadable templates.

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