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New Jersey School Security Legislation Updates (9-21-2017)

  • P.L.2016, c.80 – Amends and supplements N.J.S.A. 18A:41.
    • All employees in school districts and nonpublic schools will be provided with annual training on school safety and security. Under previous law, such training is only provided once to teaching staff members.
    • School safety and security training will be conducted collaboratively by the district or nonpublic school and emergency responders.
    • A law enforcement officer is required to be present at a minimum of one school security drill in each school year in order to make recommendations on any improvements or changes to school security drill procedures that the officer may deem advisable.
    • An actual fire or school security emergency that occurs at a school during the month and that includes activities which are the equivalent of a drill, will be considered a drill for the purposes of meeting the required number of monthly drills.
  • P.L.2017, c.119 – Requires Board of Education to have a memorandum of understanding with local law enforcement authorities for accessing live streams of video surveillance equipment.
  • P.L.2016, c.100 – Amends N.J.S.A. 18A:7F-41 and supplements N.J.S.A. 18A:7G-15.2 to authorize use of emergency reserve funds or proceeds from bonds issued by EDA to finance school security improvements.
  • P.L.2016, c.49 – Secure Schools for all Children Act; establishes state aid for security services, equipment or technology to ensure safe and secure school environment for nonpublic school students.
  • P.L.2016, c.79 – Requires certain school security measures to be incorporated in architectural design of new school construction and certain school security measures for existing buildings.
  • P.L.2016, c.68 – Establishes Class III Special Law Enforcement Officers to provide security in public/nonpublic schools and county colleges.

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