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Functions of the Council

In accordance with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Governor, or his designee, is required to appoint a state advisory panel consisting of persons representing both providers and receivers of services for children with educational disabilities. The purpose of the advisory council is to provide guidance on special education and related services. By law, the council is charged with:

  • Advising the Commissioner of Education on the unmet educational needs of pupils with disabilities within the state;
  • Commenting publicly on the following issues with regard to the education of pupils with disabilities:

    1. the annual state program plan,
    2. proposed rules and regulations; and
    3. procedures for distribution of funds.

  • Assisting in the development and reporting of such information and evaluations as may assist the Commissioner of Education in performing his responsibilities related to the education of pupils with disabilities;
  • Advising the Commissioner of Education on the development of corrective action plans; and
  • Advising the Commissioner of Education on the development/implementation of policies related to coordination of services.

Council Activities

Committees complete much of the important work of the council. These committees may be standing committees, which have year-long goals, or ad hoc committees which address a particular short-term concern during the course of a particular school year.

There are no committees at this time.


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