New Jersey Department of Education

District Reporting

NJHOMEROOM Gifted Service Report

Pursuant to the “Strengthening Gifted and Talented Education Act”, all school districts were required to submit an initial report to the State Gifted coordinator by October 1, 2020 and an updated report on a schedule that coincides with their New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC) review, [section 11 of P.L.1975, c.212 (C.18A:7A-11)].  To ensure continued compliance, school districts must submit an updated Gifted and Talented report to New Jersey (NJ) HOMEROOM by October 1 during the year of their NJQSAC review. 

NJSMART Gifted Data Submissions

On an annual basis, student (SID) and staff (SMID) data must be submitted by school districts to NJSMART no later than October 15 for the Fall collection, and June 30 for the end-of-year collection. This data collection fulfils the Law’s mandate to report:  

  1. “the total number of students receiving gifted and talented services in each grade level kindergarten through grade 12 disaggregated by race, gender, special education designation, and English language learner designation;” and
  2. “the number of staff employed by the school district whose job responsibilities include identification of and providing services to gifted and talented students.”   

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