New Jersey Department of Education

Educator Resources

The following are resources meant to be utilized by educators. These links were not developed by the New Jersey Department of Education, but may be helpful in the instruction of Multilingual Learners (MLs).

Doing and Talking Math and Science
"This website provides quick access to educator resources to support all students’ simultaneous doing and talking science and mathematics."

Teach | WIDA
"Assets-based instructional resources for educators and practitioners of multilingual learners "

Teaching English Language Learners | Colorín Colorado
"This is a rich section filled with strategies, ideas, recommendations, resources, videos, and news from the MLs' field. Resources are organized by topics and additional Resources by Grade are also available in the ML Basics section."

Breaking News English Lessons: Easy English World News Materials - ESL
Leveled English news articles for older MLs

Civics Lessons and EL Civics for ESL Students
"English Language Civics provides an easy way to learn about U.S. history, government, citizenship, geography, and culture."

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