Pursuant to section 23(a)(2) of the Conflicts Law, the Commission promulgated a uniform ethics code to govern and guide the conduct of State officers and employees and special State officers and employees in State agencies in the Executive Branch, effective September 11, 2006. This code conforms to the general standards set forth in section 23, and is the primary code of ethics for State agencies. An agency’s supplemental code of ethics promulgated pursuant to section 23(a)(1) shall be a supplement to this primary code.

Each supplemental code must conform to the general standards set forth in section 23 of the Conflicts Law, but may be formulated with respect to the particular needs and problems of the agency to which the code is to apply. An agency code of ethics is not effective until it has first been reviewed by the Attorney General’s office and is found to be in compliance with the provisions of the Conflicts Law and any other applicable laws and is subsequently approved by the Commission.

County Tax Boards, County Superintendents of Elections and County Boards of Elections are State agencies for the purposes of the Conflicts Law.


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Last updated September 1, 2023