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New Jersey Mayors and Elected Officials Applaud School Funding in Governor Murphy’s Proposed Budget


TRENTON – Mayors and elected officials from across New Jersey today lauded Governor Murphy’s plan to boost school funding in his proposed Fiscal Year 2020 budget. The Governor’s proposed budget would provide $15.4 billion to support schools, a record level for New Jersey education funding. 
See below for reactions to Governor Murphy's school funding announcement:

Mayor Chris Bollwage (D), City of Elizabeth:
“When our learning environments are supported, opportunities are created, academic experiences are enhanced and our young people are provided with the strong foundation needed to achieve personal as well as professional growth. The City of Elizabeth expresses its gratitude to Governor Phil Murphy for the additional $15.1 million in educational dollars, which was dedicated within the budget and appreciates his continued commitment to improving the quality of life throughout our community.”

Mayor Reed Gusciora (D), City of Trenton:
“I’m excited about additional investments in crucial services such as education and transportation. His commitment to invest more in schools and expand pre-K will help ensure access to quality public education for Trenton students. Additionally, Trenton is a transportation hub for the region, and investing more in NJ Transit means improving quality of life for our residents and those who work in our City.”

Mayor Brian Stack (D), Union City:
“The budget proposed by Governor Murphy takes significant steps to provide cities across our state with the tools they need to move in the right direction. This budget will help us fund our public schools and provide quality education for our young people, helping kids in the urban areas achieve at levels similar to their suburban peers. It will also help families gain a foothold into the middle class. We are proud to stand behind Governor Murphy and this budget.”

Mayor John E. McCormac (D), Woodbridge Township:
“We are thrilled that Woodbridge Township will see such a large increase in State School Aid after being shortchanged for so many years.  On behalf of our more than 13,000 students, we send our thanks to Governor Phil Murphy, Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin for working so diligently to make the aid allocation fairer.”

Mayor Hector Lora (D), City of Passaic:
“As a Mayor of one of the most diverse cities in our state, I understand budgeting requires tough choices and that there are many more needs in our community than resources available.  I believe the budget proposed by Governor Murphy is positive for cities like Passaic, importantly it includes vital funding for our public schools which goes a long way to providing our school children with access to a quality education.   I applaud the Governor’s approach and commitment to working with legislative leaders to address some of the significant needs of communities like ours.”

Mayor James Cahill (D), City of New Brunswick:
"The proposed increase in State aid to the New Brunswick Public School District is welcome news. There is no shortage of areas the State could prioritize for funding. But recognizing the scarcity of revenues, the investment in our public schools addresses two critical areas of importance, our children and property taxes. This funding will allow New Brunswick schools to keep pace with its continual increase in enrollment and ongoing costs associated with the services provided." 

Mayor Adrian Mapp (D), City of Plainfield:
“It’s a pleasure to work with a Governor who understands how important it is for our schools to be adequately funded, and who commits to following through on his promises. School districts across the state will receive an increase in support, thanks to Governor Murphy’s focus and determination. The six and a half percent increase that will be added to the funding from the State, for our Public School system will go a long way toward providing much needed resources for our Plainfield students. Our student body is diverse and there are challenges associated with ensuring that each student gets the right tools to facilitate the various learning needs.  The importance of a solid education cannot be overstated, and I’m confident that under the leadership of Governor Murphy, New Jersey is once more on an upward trajectory and I’m greatly encouraged.”

Freeholder Director Joe Derella (D), Cumberland County:
“We are excited to learn that our CCTEC will receive an increase in school funding - Thank you for supporting us as we work to provide the best educational opportunities for our students to be successful in life!”

Freeholder Chairwoman Bette-Jane Kowalski (D), Union County:
“We are more than appreciative of the funding in this budget as it reflective of the growth in enrollment of our Vocational Technical Schools program, noting student enrollment has doubled in the last ten years, while state aid has not maintained pace with this growth. “The funding can also assist us in expanding vocational programs that will help meet the needs of employers. We thank Governor Murphy for this much needed increase.”

Mayor Carlos Rendo (R), Woodcliff Lake Borough:
“Education is the key to success! Woodcliff Lake is thankful that the State is investing in our children’s future with a commitment to increase State education funding by 11.25% for the Pascack Valley Regional School District.” 

Mayor Bob Fazen (R), Borough of Bound Brook:
“The students, teachers and administrators of the Bound Brook School District as well as the residents of our Borough thank the Governor for his leadership on increasing school funding for the underfunded districts.  Bound Brook has been the most underfunded school district for years and the additional funding has made a difference.  The future of Bound Brook is tied to education and the past five years of increased student population in our district warrants a significant increase in state school aid to create fairness for our municipality.”

Mayor James Anzaldi (R), City of Clifton:
“As always I am pleased when we get additional money towards our schools that will give tax relief to our taxpayers. I look forward to the day that we get from full formula funding!”

Mayor Daniel Pronti (R), Borough of North Arlington:
“We, in North Arlington, take education quite seriously.  With our North Arlington Board of Education preparing to take on new projects and planning to expand other programs, this redistribution should help ease any increase our taxpayers may be facing, as a result of such improvements.  I have every reason to believe any funding allocated to North Arlington will be utilized to benefit their efforts."

Mayor Tom Andes (R), Township of Denville:
“We are very happy to see the state aide to Denville schools and other suburban schools start to increase after decades of being under funded. Our $121,000 will go to offset capitol improvements of a 60 year old school.”
Mayor Kennedy O’Brien (R), Borough of Sayreville:
“On behalf of the 44,000 people of the Borough Sayreville I want to thank Governor Murphy for Helping us with this year’s appropriation of School Funding Aid. We are hard-working residents of the State of New Jersey, and appreciate Governor Murphy for rewarding that hard work with a 9.1% increase foes along way to help reduce property taxes.”

Mayor Guy Piserchia (R), Long Hill Township:
“Long Hill Township Schools appreciates the efforts of the governor in the state legislature for increasing the state aid provided to our school district. Educating our youth is one of the most important responsibilities of local government and the increase of State aid for our public schools helps us achieve that goal. Thank you.”

Mayor Michael Soriano (D), Parsippany Troy-Hills:
“Governor Murphy’s budget continues to take a proactive and studied approach towards the goal of a school funding formula that is fair to every municipality, district, parent, teacher and student in our state.  I want to thank him for his courage on this issue; tackling a decades-long problem is never easy, but these first steps continue our state’s movement towards equality.”

Mayor Jimmy Davis (D), City of Bayonne:
“I commend Governor Murphy and Assemblyman Chiaravalloti for their vision in making funding public education a priority in New Jersey. In the past two years, Bayonne has seen significant increases in funding for our schools.  Our dedicated team in Trenton, led by Senator Cunningham, Assemblyman Chiaravalloti and Assemblywoman McKnight, have delivered for Bayonne.  On this issue, Assemblyman Chiaravalloti and myself were passionate in assuring that Bayonne will be able to provide quality education for our children. I am confident that this additional funding will go a long way in improving the experience our students will have in the classroom.”

Mayor John Labrosse (D), City of Hackensack:
“On behalf of the citizens of the city of Hackensack in the city council I want to thank Governor Murphy and his administration for the increase in school aid to Hackensack this year. This increase will help all of our students that attend our Public Schools and will also help the taxpayers in the form of tax relief. Thank you Governor Murphy.”

Mayor Frank Caramagna (D), Elmwood Park:
“As a former teacher for 26 years, I know that I am not alone in saying that we, the residents of Elmwood Park, sincerely appreciate the help that we have been offered in this year’s proposed school funding package. Whether it be support for our district, or his support of tuition free community college for New Jersey residents, we believe he’s doing a fantastic job and have full faith that he will continue to do so.”

Mayor Raymond Giacobbe (D), City of Rahway:
“I am writing as the Mayor of the City of Rahway to express my support for the FY 2020 budget proposed by Governor Murphy.  The budget proposed by Governor Murphy takes significant steps to provide cities like Rahway with the tools they need to continue to move in the right direction. This budget will help us adequately fund our public schools and provide quality education for our young people, helping kids from our City achieve at levels similar to their suburban peers. It will also help our residents gain a foothold into the middle class. I am proud to stand behind Governor Murphy and this budget.”

Mayor Robert Greenbaum (R), Mount Olive:
“I wanted to send you this quick note in support of the Governor and his budget proposal. While I have not yet had a chance to review his proposed budget in full, and I have heard that it calls for new taxes which is never a popular decision, I do believe that governing requires making hard decisions to fix even harder problems. I believe that the Governor is making a serious attempt to fix many of the problems within this State which he inherited.”

Mayor Derek Armstead (D) City of Linden:
"The budget proposed by Governor Murphy takes significant steps to provide cities like Linden with the tools they need to move in the right direction," said Armstead. "Our Council President and School Board President are proud to stand beside Governor Murphy & working as a team. By working closely with Governor Phil Murphy, our City Council led by President Michele Yamakaitis, and the Board of Education with its new President Greg Martucci, as well as our legislators, I believe we can give homeowners a zero tax increase this year."

Board of Education President Greg Martucci, City of Linden:
"This budget will help us fund our public schools and provide quality education for our young people, helping kids from our city achieve at levels similar to their suburban peers. It will also help our residents gain a foothold into the middle class. There are more great things I look forward to doing with Mayor Armstead and Governor Murphy."

Council President Michele Yamakaitis (D), City of Linden:
"We are thankful for the extra aid; this will help with the tax burden to our homeowners and businesses and provide the quality education our children deserve.” 

Mayor Michael Gonnelli (I), Town of Secaucus:
“Governor Murphy, thank you for proposing a 2020 New Jersey State Budget that focuses on middle class families, and makes investments for the future by emphasizing education, health and public transportation. The Secaucus Town Council and I support the upcoming budget and look forward to the positive impact it will bring to the State and specifically to the Town of Secaucus. As the budget gets finalized, Secaucus looks forward to receiving additional funding for our schools and increased Municipal Aid. Our residents will also benefit from additional investments in public transportation and infrastructure. Governor, you can count on the continued support from the Town of Secaucus as you move New Jersey forward towards a fair, growth-oriented and fiscally responsible state.”

Mayor Dwayne Warren (D), Township of Orange:
“All children deserve access to an education that will help them reach their greatest potential. This funding will enable Orange to provide students with a high-quality education in a productive learning environment. I applaud the Governor for his commitment to ensuring all students have equal opportunities to flourish.”

Mayor Kurt Peluso (D), Borough of Fair Lawn:
“It was great to hear that the Governor is going to continue to assist communities with more state aid. Fair Lawn's school district is in need of more financial support and the Governor's budget will greatly assist our students.”

Mayor Richard Rigoglioso (NP), Garfield:
“Upon hearing the news today of the Governor’s financial contribution to our school district, I’d like to state that on behalf of our entire district, we are very grateful for the financial assistance provided by the Governor. It is always comforting to know that the highest office in our state makes education a priority, as well as offering his support and confidence both in and out of the financial arena. With this support, our district will be better equipped for success.”

Mayor Robert Parisi (NP), Township of West Orange:
“I am happy the state is addressing the inequality in school funding and am happy that West Orange is a part of it.”

Michael Giordano (D), Borough of North Plainfield:
“Thank you for proposing an additional $2. 7 million in State School Aid for our community. We greatly appreciate the proposed funding which will be used to strengthen our school system and relieve local property taxpayers.  In North Plainfield we are a fully developed community with a fixed, primarily residential, tax base and we struggle to balance the needs of our citizens with the ability to fund our services. Despite our best efforts at controlling spending, this situation results in one of the highest tax rates in Somerset County.  This funding demonstrates your solid commitment to our public schools and assisting our taxpayers. I look forward to crediting you and your administration for your efforts on behalf of our community.  Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you at any time. I send you all the best wishes for success.”

Mayor Bert Steinmann (D), Township of Ewing:
“The additional funding to the Ewing Township School Board for the second year in row will help all Ewing residents. Our children receive a great education and are accepted to the best Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities in the USA. On behalf of Ewing Township and all our residents we thank for remembering us.”

Mayor Emile Carafa (D), Borough of Lodi:
“Anything that promotes Public Education and benefits the children of the State is always a good thing. I support the Governor for allowing this to happen especially for our children in Lodi.”

Mayor Mohamed Khairullah (D), Prospect Park:
“Investing in our students, our schools, and our teachers is integral to building a fairer New Jersey. This proposed investment is an investment in the youngest New Jerseyans and the future of our state. I am grateful the Governor is working to ensure that the children of Prospect Park have access to a world-class education. Because school funding has also been linked to property taxes, we know that this will help alleviate the tax burden for our residents.”

Mayor Nora Radest (D), Summit:
“Additional state aid is welcome news. It will certainly generate a positive impact on the school budget as we are looking to add full-day kindergarten with minimum burden on Summit taxpayers. I fully appreciate the efforts of the governor to keep spending under two percent and minimize any tax increases.”

Mayor Christopher Bobbitt (D), Township of Lawrence:
"I applaud Governor Murphy’s FY2020 School Funding Proposal. By increasing the funding to our school district, the Governor will help lessen the property tax burden on our residents while still allowing for needed educational and security initiatives to move forward."

Mayor Stuart Patrick (NP), Glen Ridge:
“Governor Murphy’s steadfast commitment to public education has been critical to Glen Ridge as we work to provide students with new opportunities for learning. With the investment the Governor has proposed, we will continue to do right by our children, putting their needs first.”
Mayor Vincent Bellucci (D), Fairview:
“Every student deserves access to an educational experience that will help them grow and thrive both inside and outside the classroom. I thank Governor Murphy for keeping the students of Fairview in mind and advancing New Jersey’s status as a national leader in the delivery of high-quality public education.”

Mayor Peter Rustin (I), Tenafly:
“I thank Governor Murphy for his deep commitment to providing high-quality education to New Jersey students, regardless of zip code. This funding will enable us to transform classrooms in Tenafly and ensure all of our children have a bright future.”

Mayor Ken Paris (D), Township of Delran:
“As mayor of Delran I would like to thank the Governor’s office for the extra appropriations of state aid to the Delran Schools. This allows the school district to continue to function at a high level. Superintendent Brotschul and I meet frequently and are on the same page regarding our schools.”

Mayor Kim Horton (D), Absecon:
“This budget is wonderful news that will help our students and taxpayers, and all the residents. We have been coming up with creative ways to maintain a quality education for years. Finally, thanks to the revision of the funding formula our Absecon students will be given the resources they need to go and become productive and successful citizens.”

Mayor Vernon Marino (D), Woolwich:
“Public education is a primary force for advancing growth, opportunity, and prosperity. I thank Governor Murphy for presenting a budget that advances a stronger and fairer school funding structure, which will provide the students of Kingsway School District with the education they deserve and the resources they need.”

Mayor Paul Anzano (D), Hopewell Borough:
“New Jersey’s public schools nurture some of the most brilliant minds in the world. With this funding, we are ensuring that every student, both in Hopewell and across the state, has an equal opportunity to succeed. I am grateful that Governor Murphy has prioritized this critical investment in the future of our children.”

Mayor Patrick Giblin (D), Township of Cranford:
“We welcome the increased state aid to Cranford Schools, as a result of Governor Murphy’s budget and the revised school funding formula.  Any property tax relief from Trenton is a step in the right direction.”

Mayor Lauren Barnett (D), Borough Mountain Lakes:
“As Mayor of the Borough of Mountain Lakes, I want to express my gratitude for the increase in state aid to our Mountain Lakes School District. This investment in public education will benefit our entire community.  Thank you for your support!”

Mayor Eric Hinds, Holmdel:
“Each day the talented youth of Holmdel Township dreams big and works hard to achieve great things. From our elementary level students to those at our revered public high school, no goal ever seems out of reach. It’s a testament to the work ethic of our kids, as well as to the motivation and inspiration they receive in and outside of the classroom from our wonderful faculty and extracurricular program directors.

An injection of additional state aid will only help facilitate greater opportunities for our students, like a newly-founded full-day kindergarten program launching in the fall, which will strengthen the educational foundation of our youngest minds. 

On behalf of the Township, the Governing Body and the Board of Education I would like to say how thankful our Holmdel community is to receive this funding increase, and express the excitement well all feel to see the future successes it will inspire for our student body.”

Mayor Lisa Jiampetti, Egg Harbor City:
“I am extremely grateful for the increase in school funding for Egg Harbor City in Governor Murphy’s Budget.  As in most municipalities, a large portion of the taxes collected in Egg Harbor City goes to fund our local public schools. When schools are not adequately funded by the state, local property taxes must be increased to cover the shortfalls. Moreover, to mitigate large tax increases school administrators are forced make deep cuts in their budgets and, as such, the quality of the students’ education is jeopardized. This extra funding will prevent both from happening. It ensures that students in Egg Harbor City will continue to get the high quality education they deserve and homeowners will get the tax relief they desperately need.  Adequate funding for New Jersey Schools is long overdue. Thanks to Governor Murphy for tackling this issue!”

Mayor Kristin McLaughlin, Hopewell Township Mayor:
“This is a big win for everyone in Hopewell Valley and I am glad to see this second year of increased state aid for our public schools.  We’ve been working hard to bring more grant monies to Hopewell Valley, and this is another big step in the right direction.  This aid is particularly helpful in the face of the double-digit enrollment declines in our District Schools [over the past ten years], and I am hopeful it will help keep spending in check.”

Mayor Joe Lawver, Pennington Borough:
“School funding represents the greatest percentage of residents’ property tax bills in Hopewell Valley and higher state aid should help reduce the upward pressure on property taxes.”