Governor Phil Murphy

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Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


TRENTON – Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed the following bills into law

AJR-149 (Schepisi, Jasey, Johnson/Pou, T. Kean) – Designates September of each year as “Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month” in New Jersey.

AJR-164 (Benson, Zwicker, Lampitt/Diegnan, T. Kean) – Establishes "New Jersey Advanced Autonomous Vehicle Task Force."

A-591 (Moriarty, Reynolds-Jackson, Jimenez/Pou, Cruz-Perez) – Prohibits discrimination against cash-paying consumers.

A-1400 (A.M. Bucco, Caputo, DeCroce, Johnson/A.R. Bucco, Gopal) – Revises law governing Class Three special law enforcement officer.

A-4073 (Holley, Carter, Kennedy, Quijano/Scutari, Cryan) – Designates portion of State Highway Route 27 in Union County as "Jerry Green Memorial Highway."

A-4177 (Pintor Marin, Mukherji, Downey/Singleton, Ruiz) – Allows county homelessness trust funds to be used for code blue emergency shelter services.

A-4701 (Spearman, Chiaravalloti, Mukherji, Quijano/Ruiz, Cunningham) – Requires DHS to establish electronic portal to promote surplus food donation collaboration among nonprofit organizations, gleaners, and food retailers.

A-4734 (Land, Taliaferro, Mukherji/Beach, C.A. Brown) – Appropriates $1,190,349 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to NJ Historic Trust for historic site management grants to certain historic preservation projects and associated administrative expenses.

S-121 (Weinberg, Gill/McKeon, Bramnick, Vainieri Huttle) – Bars provisions in employment contracts that waive rights or remedies; bars agreements that conceal details relating to discrimination claims.

S-641 (Beach, Bateman/Munoz, Thomson, Lampitt) – Upgrades penalty for failing to report act of sexual abuse against child.

S-746 (Diegnan, Cruz-Perez/Vainieri Huttle, Pinkin, Chiaravalloti) – Permits certain audiologists to dispense and fit hearing aids.

S-1073 (Smith, Bateman, Codey, Greenstein/McKeon, Pinkin, Tucker) – Authorizes municipalities, counties, and certain authorities to establish stormwater utilities.

S-1773 (Diegnan, Gopal/Calabrese, Chiaravalloti, Tully) – Requires display of identifying information on rear of school bus so public may report bus driver misconduct.

S-2454 (Madden/Murphy, Houghtaling, Downey) – Concerns prevailing wage requirements for certain fabrication.

S-2712 (Ruiz, Madden/Lampitt, Murphy) – Mandates certain training for DOE arbitrators.

S-2714 (Ruiz, Madden/Lampitt, Armato, Murphy) – Requires school districts to notify State Board of Examiners when teaching staff member fails to report child abuse for determination of revocation or suspension of certificate.

S-2715 (Madden, Ruiz/Lampitt, Reynolds-Jackson) – Requires Attorney General to develop protocol for retaining footage from school surveillance system.

S-2773 (Pou/Greenwald, Lopez, Vainieri Huttle) – Clarifies definition of health care service firms and homemaker-home health aides.

S-2922 (Vitale, O'Scanlon/Vainieri Huttle, DiMaso) – Revises standard for presence of medical examiner during removal of anatomical gift from decedent.

Governor Murphy also announced that he has conditionally vetoed the following bills: 

A-4904 (Mukherji, Quijano, Mazzeo/Cryan, Sweeney) – Concerns property taxes due and owing on real property owned by certain federal employees or contractors under certain circumstances.

Copy of Statement on A-4904

S-2129 (Cruz-Perez, Turner/Wimberly, Armato, Lopez, Mazzeo) – Directs certain unclaimed electric and gas utility deposits in Unclaimed Utility Deposits Trust Fund and societal charge revenues be paid to Statewide nonprofit energy assistance organizations meeting certain eligibility criteria.

Copy of Statement on S-2129