Governor Phil Murphy

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Governor Murphy Signs Legislation to Improve Safety Precautions in Sign Fabrication and Manufacturing Facilities


TRENTON – Governor Phil Murphy today signed S3072 into law to improve safety precautions in sign fabrication and manufacturing facilities.

“Improving both public and workplace safety are priorities of my Administration,” said Governor Murphy. “Today, we are ensuring that our workforce is properly trained with the necessary skills and knowledge to do their work safely, while also protecting the public from the dangers of defective signs.”

The Sign Fabrication Safety Quality Assurance Act will require a person who manufactures, distributes or sells fabricated signs in New Jersey to provide an approved training program for employees who perform manual labor in connection with the production of fabricated signs. The legislation also requires manufacturers to maintain adequate quality control procedures to ensure that all fabricated signs it manufactures, distributes or sells comply with the manufacturing and engineering specifications required by any contractual agreement executed with another party.

Under the law, any fabricated sign manufactured, distributed or sold in New Jersey after the bill’s effective date must have an affixed safety and quality assurance seal from the sign fabricator indicating that the sign complies with the legislation’s requirements.

The law will take effect on June 6, 2019.

The general public and maintenance workers are subject to serious safety risks when sign manufacturers produce a substandard product.  Unfortunately, there have been a number of instances in which bystanders and workers have been injured or killed by signs that fell on them due to improper manufacturing,” said Senator Troy Singleton. “It is the government’s paramount duty to protect our citizens from negligence committed by sign manufacturers when they make a faulty product.”

“When faulty signs are installed, not only are workers endangered, but so is the public,” said Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez. “We will no longer allow for the public to be put in harm’s way. This new law will protect people from the malpractice of those sign manufacturers who cut corners at the expense of public safety.”

"This new law helps us to further ensure roadway and pedestrian safety," said Assemblywoman Patricia Egan Jones. "Poorly made signage are hazardous to pedestrians and can cause unnecessary accidents. It’s important to note that the new law requires manufacturers with six or more employees who make signs to provide a skill training program for those workers adding another layer of safety."

"We see signs everywhere whether it's advertising businesses or branding construction sites," said Assemblyman William Spearman. "Setting a standard for the manufacture of signs will protecting residents from residents to the workers placing them."

"Today we've taken another step toward strengthening the public safety in our communities and on our roadways," said Assemblyman Thomas Giblin. "Ensuring signs are reviewed for quality and assurance and given the seal of approval is important to protecting residents from the problems that could be caused by a less than standard sign hung or placed on our roads or highways." 

“A properly trained workforce is a strong workforce,” said Joe Demark, President of the New Jersey State Council of Sheet Metal Workers. “With this legislation, we are building a pipeline of knowledgeable and skilled workers who will be able practice their craft under safer conditions. We thank Governor Murphy for signing this important bill.”

“Creating a safe work environment improves worker morale and allows for great productivity,” said Bryan Bush, Assistant Business Manager of Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 19. “We commend Governor Murphy for taking action on this legislation, which will help address the critically important goal of ensuring the safety of New Jerseyans both in the workplace and throughout the state.”