Governor Phil Murphy

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Governor Murphy Signs Legislation to Develop "New Jersey-Made" Designation


TRENTON – Governor Phil Murphy today signed S2241 into law, requiring the Department of State to develop a “New Jersey-Made” designation.

“New Jersey produces everything from wine to cowboy hats, yet until now, there has never been an official state logo for our manufacturers to display,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “Thank you to Senator Gopal, Assemblyman Houghtaling, Assemblywoman Downey, and Assemblyman Calabrese for their advocacy on this issue. As a result of their work, we will develop a new logo that will be proudly affixed to many products that come from our home state.”

S2241 requires the Department of State, in coordination with the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc., to develop and designate as an official State logo a “New Jersey-Made” or “NJ-Made” logo which would be available to manufacturers and producers of New Jersey-made products. The Department is required to develop guidelines for the use of the logo, and is required to make the logo available to manufacturers and producers through a website. The Department is also required to promulgate and adopt rules to implement the act.

“Garden State residents know New Jersey is home to quality, locally-made products,” said Secretary of State Tahesha Way. “The New Jersey-Made designation will shine a light on the dedicated work of our artisans, craftspeople, manufacturers, and others who produce goods used and enjoyed every day.”

The legislation was sponsored by Senator Vin Gopal and Assemblymembers Eric Houghtaling, Joann Downey, and Clinton Calabrese.

“When you know that a product was made in New Jersey, you know to expect high quality," said Senator Gopal. “That's why any person in our state can tell you how important it is to support our local businesses. Helping our proud producers certify and advertise their products to the New Jerseyans looking to support them is a win for everyone."

“A state brand showcases the variety of goods and products made right here in New Jersey,” said Assemblyman Houghtaling. “We can celebrate and raise awareness of New Jersey’s manufacturing sector by promoting state production anywhere the product is sold in the world. That’s just good business.”

“Many other states are similarly developing a brand for products made in their state,” said Assemblywoman Downey. “I think it’s a good idea and shows pride in our manufacturing industry, NJ-based companies and invests in their success.”

“The dollar value of New Jersey’s manufactured goods have increased almost 75 percent since 2000 and account for nearly 90 percent of New Jersey’s exports. These goods are shipped throughout the United States and all over the globe,” said Assemblyman Calabrese. “The NJ-Made logo could help to bolster investment in New Jersey’s already booming manufacturing sector, which supports almost a quarter-of-a-million jobs, and will justifiably serve as a source of pride to our manufacturers, their employees and our residents.”

“Made in New Jersey is not just A brand, but THE brand in the U.S.A.,” said John Kennedy, CEO of the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program. “From Alexander Hamilton’s ‘Manufacturing Message’ of 1791, the focus was ‘Jersey Made’, and as we all know, ‘Jersey Strong’. NJMEP is proud to work with our Business Action Center to give this designation its new look.”