Governor Phil Murphy

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Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


A809 (Andrzejczak, Houghtaling, Taliaferro, Mazzeo, Space/Van Drew, Cruz-Perez) – Revises law concerning alternate members for farmers on State Agriculture Development Committee.

Copy of Statement on A809

A5000 (Mosquera, Reynolds-Jackson, Wimberly/Singleton, Oroho, Addiego) – Requires DCA to produce and maintain database and interactive map concerning residential properties under foreclosure; increases certain recording fees as funding mechanism.

Copy of Statement on A5000

S362 (Rice/Sumter, Jasey, Reynolds-Jackson) 
– Provides that deed restrictions on affordable housing units are not extinguished by foreclosure proceedings.

Copy of Statement on S362

S1758 (Weinberg, Ruiz/Murphy, Benson, Zwicker) – Codifies donated leave program for State employees in career, senior executive, and unclassified service.

Copy of Statement on S1758

S1967 (Sweeney, Madden/Jasey, Taliaferro, Benson) – Concerns certain workers' compensation supplemental benefits.

Copy of Statement on S1967

S2475 (Sweeney, Pou/Coughlin, McKeon, DeCroce, Murphy) – Prohibits application of fiduciary standard to insurance producers; specifies qualifications of persons providing affidavit of merit in lawsuits against insurance producers.

Copy of Statement on S2475

S3240 (Singer, Scutari/Armato, Mukherji, Murphy, Kean, Calabrese, Thomson) – “Charlie's Law"; requires pharmacy practice sites and hospice programs to furnish patients with information and products to safely dispose of unused prescription drugs and medications.

Copy of Statement on S3240

S3369 (Scutari/Munoz, Webber, Holley) – Prohibits all locally elected officials from receiving retroactive salary increases.

Copy of Statement on S3369

S3375 (Ruiz, Greenstein/Carter, Chaparro, Vainieri Huttle) – Establishes maternal health care pilot program to evaluate shared decision-making tool developed by DOH and used by hospitals providing maternity services, and by birthing centers.

Copy of Statement on S3375

S3465 (Pou, Kean/Bramnick, Jimenez, Carter) – Revises requirements for examination and license to practice mortuary science.

Copy of Statement on S3465

Governor Murphy absolute vetoed the following bill:

S1246 (Rice, Cunningham/Sumter, Murphy, Downey) – Requires NJTA to implement certain roadside maintenance safety policies.

Copy of Statement on S1246