Governor Phil Murphy

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Governor Murphy Signs Legislation Permitting Operation of Low Speed E-Bikes and Motorized Scooters


Automobile alternatives will help curb emissions and congestion in New Jersey

TRENTON - As Governor Phil Murphy continues working to bolster New Jersey’s innovation economy, he signed legislation today (S731) that outlines regulations governing the use of low speed electric scooters and e-bikes.

The bill calls for motorized scooters and e-bikes capable of traveling 20 miles per hour or slower to be regulated much the same as ordinary bicycles, allowing their operation on streets, highways, and bicycle paths in this State. An operator of a low-speed electric bicycle or motorized scooter is not required to register the scooter or e-bike, furnish proof of insurance, or have a driver’s license. The bill further provides that all statutes, rules, and regulations that apply to ordinary bicycles will apply to low-speed electric bicycles and motorized scooters.

This legislation will help encourage the use of sharing platforms that enable individuals to rent motorized scooters and e-bikes for short intervals as an alternative to an automobile trip.

Primary sponsors of the bill were Senator Linda Greenstein, Senator Shirley Turner, Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, and Assemblyman Jamel Holley.

“Electric bicycles and motorized scooters offer a fantastic alternative to cars and their use will serve to cut both emissions and congestion in our cities,” said Governor Murphy. “As we seek to support New Jersey’s Innovation Economy, this bill will help encourage a true reimagining of urban commuting.”

“E-Bikes continue to grow in popularity around the country with many electing this green means of transportation as an alternative to getting behind the wheel,” said Senator Greenstein. “They are easy to operate, affordable and allow riders greater mobility. They are environmentally responsible and alleviate roadway congestion. This law reinforces New Jersey’s continued commitment to a healthy environment.”

“This will help to bring transportation in New Jersey into the 21st Century. Especially in our urban centers, electric bikes and scooters can offer a means of transportation that is much more affordable than a car,” said Senator Turner. “Additionally,  e-bikes and e-scooters align with our efforts to become a more sustainable and environmentally conscious state.”

“Permitting the use of low-speed electric bikes supports our efforts to protect the environment by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions,” said Assemblyman Mukherji. “By bringing our motor vehicle laws into the 21st century, we will enable the rollout of e-bikes in Jersey City’s bike share program and expand the transportation options available to New Jerseyans.”

“We can make room for all vehicles can share the road with the proper guidelines in place,” said Assemblyman Holley. “For the residents who must use electric scooters or those who borrow an electric bike from a bike share, regulations will provide for their safety on New Jersey.”

“Today, New Jersey’s governor and legislature took a significant  step forward to combat climate change, traffic congestion, and the high cost of commuting by enacting statewide rules encouraging the adoption of shared e-scooters and e-bikes,” said David Estrada, Chief Policy Officer at Bird. “We look forward to providing the residents and visitors of New Jersey an equitable, reliable and efficient clean mode of transportation that ultimately helps achieve our shared mission of making cities more livable for all.”

“Lyft aims to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation, and we believe that shared electric vehicles like bikes and scooters are key to this mission. We applaud Governor Murphy and our partners in the New Jersey Legislature for taking this important step that will bring additional affordable, sustainable, and fun transportation options to residents across the Garden State,” said Caroline Samponaro, Head of Bike, Scooter & Pedestrian Policy at Lyft.

“Today’s decision by Governor Murphy and the New Jersey State Legislature permitting the use of electric scooters brings us all closer to providing safe, sustainable mobility solutions," said B. Sarah Haynes, Chairwoman of Bolt Mobility Corporation. "Bolt Mobility shares the Governor’s and the legislature’s commitment to reducing traffic congestion and pollution. Our Bolt Mobility team looks forward to the opportunity to provide the people of New Jersey access to the best in class, carbon free electric scooters that we custom designed from the ground up for stability and safety for all genders and backgrounds to enjoy.”