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New Jersey Leaders Applaud Governor Murphy's Economic Mission to India


"I, along with thousands of Edison residents, am thrilled to hear that Governor Murphy is recognizing the importance of New Jersey's Indian community through this historic trade delegation – the first ever to India by a NJ Governor. The entrepreneurship and ingenuity of the South Asian community is the economic engine that powers Edison and many of New Jersey's top industries. It is great to have a Governor that makes our communities and our economy a priority." - Shariq Ahmad, Edison Democratic Organization Chairman

“The Indian Business Association applauds Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority on this planned trip to India. A strong relationship between India and New Jersey is important for many sectors of New Jersey’s economy. The Indian Business Association commits our full support for not only this trip, but the Governor’s agenda that has and continues to produce a stronger and fairer economy that is supportive of small businesses, especially those owned by women, minorities, and veterans.” - Dhiren Amin, President of the Indian Business Association (IBA)

“I applaud the Governor’s commitment to enhance New Jersey’s economy as he explores opportunities with diverse countries. His efforts to extend our friendship to India will foster both cultural and economic growth in New Jersey.”- Ravi S. Bhalla, Mayor of Hoboken

“I am delighted to learn that Governor Phil Murphy will be visiting India along with a trade delegation in September. This visit will definitely open a new chapter in the India-New Jersey relationship. India is New Jersey's second largest foreign direct investor and Governor Murphy's interactions with business leaders from India will further strengthen economic ties. While Indian companies have made significant investments in pharmaceutical and information technology sectors in New Jersey, Governor Murphy's visit is likely to open up new sectors like film and media and manufacturing for further collaboration. A large number of Indian professionals have made New Jersey their home and their contributions to the economy of the great state of New Jersey is well recognized. Exports from New Jersey to India also create significant number of jobs in the Garden State.  We are happy to note that the universities in New Jersey are attracting a large number of students from India. We are also happy to see the increasing number of the New Jersey Indian-American community holding public office. The presence of a strong Indian-American community in New Jersey also ensures a vibrant cultural relationship. Governor Murphy's interactions with the leadership in India will build on these people-to-people connections. The Consulate General of India in New York is working closely with Choose New Jersey and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority to make Governor Murphy's visit to India a grand success.” - Amb. Sandeep Chakravorty, Consul General of India in New York

“With the largest concentration of Asian Indians in United States, New Jersey has close cultural and business ties with India. Not many know that India is the 4th largest trade partner of New Jersey and this relation is poised to grow. Influence of Indian diaspora is growing in many areas. We are serving our local communities with compassion and we see a brighter future for Indians and Asian Indians in New Jersey. We are thrilled to know about this trade mission. The Indian visit of Governor Phil Murphy will be a new chapter in this relationship. We wish him and the delegates a successful trip.” - Mahesh Chitnis, President of Lions Club Regional

“I would like to commend Governor Murphy for considering an economic trip to India. Given the large population of Indian Americans in New Jersey, India being the fourth largest trading partner, and Prime Minister Modi’s re-election with a great majority, Governor Murphy’s trip is quite timely. Governor’s vision on clean energy will resonate with India’s policies on climate change and increase economic partnership, especially in the energy and also in the biotechnology sectors. I wish him well and hope for more economic investment.” - Upendra Chivukula, Commissioner at the Board of Public Utilities

“New Jersey is home to tens and thousands of Indians who have culturally and economically impacted the Garden State. We applaud the Governor for visiting India, strengthening the ties between the two countries and continuing efforts in order to enrich and diversify the state.” - Neha Dewan, South Asians For America Co-Chair

“We are pleased that Governor Murphy will be making his upcoming trip to India. Like the United States, India is strengthened by its religious and cultural diversity. We hope the Governor will be able to witness that firsthand during his trip.” – Kiran GillPresident of Inspiring South Asian American Women (ISAAW)

“Our state is immeasurably strengthened by the proud Indian-American community that calls New Jersey its home, and I am grateful to see the Governor continue to take steps, both internationally and domestically, to promote the diversity of backgrounds and relationships that make our state such a great place to live." –Vin GopalState Senator for the 11th Legislative District

“As a South Asian small business owner, a New Jersey tax business and residential payer and an elected Councilwoman, I am thrilled to hear about Governor Murphy’s impending trip to India.  He will be visiting Hyderabad, a vibrant tech center, with the objective of building bridges with businesses that will benefit the New Jersey business community and its workforce. While Governor Murphy has taken a strong stand against corporate waste and tax breaks, he is also showing commitment to increasing New Jersey’s preeminence in the tech industry and in the international markets. By doing so, Governor Murphy is making New Jersey a player on the world’s stage. Forging these international relationships will encourage emerging markets to think of New Jersey for their global reach and that is good policy for our taxpayers. These are positive and objectively measurable steps towards increase commerce and reducing the tax burden on our residents.” - Councilwoman Ayesha Krishnan Hamilton Township of West Windsor

"Governor Phil Murphy's trip to India is a great example to the South Asian youth throughout New Jersey on the importance of the South Asian diaspora throughout the state and globally. We applaud New Jersey's efforts to further engage diplomatically and with Indian businesses to achieve a symbiotic relationship that benefits both New Jersey and India." – Amit Jani, President of the New Jersey Leadership Program and Board Member of the Hudson County Schools of Technology

“New Jersey’s vibrant Indian American community exemplifies how transnational economic ties strengthen our economy. Over 300,000 New Jerseyans were born in India or had parents who were. I applaud Governor Murphy for seeking opportunities to forge even stronger ties between their country of origin and the state they call home.” - Khyati Y. Joshi, Co-Chair of the N.J. Democratic State Committee’s South Asian American Caucus

“Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey government’s renewed focus on incentivizing entrepreneurship for new ventures is welcomed by the members of TIE New Jersey. We also welcome the energy he brings to cross-border ventures and international engagement.” - Raman Kapur, President, TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) New Jersey

“I am thrilled to learn that Governor Murphy is planning a trip to India in September. New Jersey is home to over 150,000 Indians and we feel welcomed here. This trip will help strengthen the ties between India and New Jersey as both have a lot to offer. I am certain that the Governor will be delighted after his trip.”- Hemant Marathe, Mayor of West Windsor Township

"As home to one of the country's largest and fastest growing South Asian populations, and as the perfect destination to benefit from Indian investment to support economic development, job creation, and bilateral trade, it is long overdue that the Governor of New Jersey lead a trade mission to India. I applaud Governor Murphy for undertaking this historic initiative and look forward to joining him in attracting jobs and foreign investment from the world's largest democracy." - Raj Mukherji, Majority Whip of the New Jersey General Assembly, where he serves as the sole Indian American

"As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, India is a natural partner in New Jersey’s economic revitalization. The cultural ties between our state and India are unparalleled and I am pleased that the governor is recognizing the contributions to our state that India and Indian-Americans have already made and will continue to make.” - Shanti Narra, Middlesex County Freeholder

“I commend Governor Murphy for seeking to strengthen the economic ties between India and New Jersey in order generate jobs and growth here in New Jersey. I wish him the best on a successful trip.” - B. David Naidu, Summit Council President

“It is great to know that the Governor is planning economic trip to India. New Jersey is considered a ‘little India’ by the Indians in India. Economically, it makes great sense to strengthen ties with the country that is expected to become a five trillion dollar economy in the coming decade. Culturally, like USA and particularly New Jersey, India is one of the most diverse and vibrant countries to experience. Educationally, substantial number of the startups in USA have been founded or headed by the graduates out of some the best educational institutes of the world in India. I am sure this trip will benefit two of the greatest democracies of the world in many ways and future generations will reap the benefits of this tour. I am also sure that Governor Phil Murphy will be welcomed with open arms, same as the great state of New Jersey has embraced thousands of Indians.” - Sunil Nayak, President of the Association of Indian Americans in North America (AIANA)

“New Jersey has served as the home to our U.S. corporate headquarters and hundreds of Wipro employees for over two decades. As we continue to grow our workforce and expand our presence in New Jersey, we extend our support to Governor Murphy to strengthen the relationship between U.S. and India.”  - Abid Neemuchwala, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Wipro Limited

“On behalf of SABA-NJ, we are excited to extend our support to the Trade Mission to India being organized through Choose NJ. We welcome Indian businesses and enterprises to invest, set up operations and conduct successful businesses in New Jersey. New Jersey is a thriving place for investment and businesses, not only because of its diversity, but also because of its location and proximity to other business centers and varied opportunities available. SABA-NJ’s diverse membership of South Asian lawyers and legal professionals can assist with any of the corporate, immigration and legal requirements to facilitate this. We wish the mission a grand success.” - Prema Roddam, President, SABA-NJ

“I am excited about Governor Murphy’s historic trade mission to India with Choose NJ. New Jersey and its robust Indian-American community is an ideal place for Indian businesses to establish and grow North American operations. I look forward to joining the Governor and assisting his team on this endeavor.” — Rajiv D. Parikh, Esq., Partner, Genova Burns LLC 

“It is an absolute honor for India to have the Governor Murphy visiting the country! This visit will benefit both New Jersey and India. New Jersey has lot to offer to India in terms of accepting diversity and unity. On same note, India can offer many things to the Garden State. I am proud of the Governor of NJ and looking forward to seeing great outcomes from the visit.” - Deven M. Patel, South Brunswick School Board Member

“We are so honored that Governor Phil Murphy has chosen the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce to announce his Trade Mission to India in September of this year. As a community leader, business owner and longtime resident of New Jersey, it is so remarkable that this administration has made extra effort to embrace the value of our Asian Indian Americans for their contributions in New Jersey as well as recognizing the strengths of the companies based in India. On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce, we would like to wish Governor Murphy and his TEAM a safe and successful journey to India.” - Priti Pandya-Patel, President of the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce

“Governor Murphy has been successful in every area of governance and has always respected and taken care of our diversified community in New Jersey. This economic trip will create trustful business relations between India and New Jersey to last for years to come. I extend my heartfelt support and wish the Governor the best of luck for this trip.” - Viru Patel, Councilman of Woodbridge Township

"The Indian-American community is one of Edison and New Jersey's fastest growing demographics and India is one of the world's fastest growing economies. I am so happy that Governor Murphy understands this and is working to bring these two places closer together. Closer economic ties with India will create jobs here in Edison and across the state, and grow both our economies. Indian-Americans all over New Jersey are proud to have a Governor that realizes their contributions to this state and is willing to support them." - Ajay Patil, Edison Council Vice President

“As an Indian American resident of New Jersey, I am delighted to see Governor Murphy leading a delegation to India and grateful for all his work bringing New Jersey and India closer in so many ways. Not only will his visit further strengthen economic ties, it will also deepen cultural and educational ties with India. I join others from our community in wishing him, First Lady Tammy Murphy and others a successful visit.” - Deepak Raj, Chairman of Pratham USA

“The Indian community has made an impact in contributing to the vibrancy to this state and country. I commend the Governor’s commitment to deepen cultural, educational, and economical ties between New Jersey and India.” - Councilman Kapil Shah of Piscataway

“India is recognized throughout the world as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry and we are pleased that Governor Murphy is visiting India to further grow New Jersey, both culturally and economically.” – Ritesh Shah, Chairman of the South Asian Registration Initiative (SARI)

“With its rich cultural diversity, intellect power, and fast-growing economy, India offers unique and expansive opportunities for New Jersey businesses. I commend the Governor Murphy for pursuing this bilateral relationship with India and promoting investments in our strong Jersey economy.” - Balvir Singh, Deputy Director, Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders

“New Jersey has one of the biggest and fastest growing proportions of South Asian residents in the country. During a time where xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment are spreading, it is heartening to see our state proactively engage with the world to create opportunities for all New Jerseyans.” – Amol Sinha, Past President of the South Asian Bar Association of New York

“Aurobindo USA started operations in New Jersey in 2006 as a small start-up company and has grown to be a large corporation with annual net revenues exceeding $1 billion for fiscal year 2019. Our success for the phenomenal growth is largely due to our location in New Jersey, which is a leader in the life sciences industry with experienced talent and some of the top world-class universities and research schools like Princeton, Rutgers and others. We are excited to know that New Jersey Governor Murphy will be visiting Hyderabad in September’19, where Aurobindo has its global headquarters.” - Aurobindo

“BAPS looks forward to Governor Murphy’s upcoming visit to India, including to the Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Delhi. During their visits to BAPS mandirs throughout New Jersey, Governor Murphy and the First Lady have shown a deep appreciation for Indian culture that we hope will only grow deeper with this visit. We applaud the Governor for ensuring his visit to India includes opportunities for cultural immersion and for his commitment to the Indian community here in New Jersey.” - BAPS Temple

“The U.S.-India Business Council (USIBC) is proud to partner with Governor Murphy to help bring the cutting-edge innovations of New Jersey companies to India. From life sciences research to development of intelligent transportation systems, New Jersey companies are creating value and improving lives across India. As Governor Murphy noted at the USIBC India Ideas Summit in June, there is a deep and long-standing connection between New Jersey and India, and this mission demonstrates the Governor’s commitment to further strengthen the already vibrant commercial and cultural ties.” – U.S.-India Business Council