Governor Phil Murphy

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Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


TRENTON – Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed the following bills and resolutions into law: 

A2810 (Greenwald, Murphy/Pou) - Requires active supervision of certain professional and occupational licensing boards.  

A4285 (Lopez, Quijano, Armato/Vitale, Singleton) - Requires Commissioner of Health to develop voluntary registry to collect cancer incidence data from firefighters.

A4416 (Swain, Karabinchak, Timberlake/Kean, Greenstein) - Prohibits sale or distribution of products containing asbestos. 

A4500 (Verrelli, Mejia, Speight/Ruiz, Greenstein) - Directs NJ State Council on Arts to create and disseminate best practices guide for at-risk youth arts programs; requires council to assist government entities creating programs that adopt best practices. 

A4578 (Land, Andrzejczak, McKeon/Smith, Greenstein) - Makes supplemental appropriation of $50 million from General Fund to DEP and adds language provisions concerning use of certain environmental settlement monies for natural resource restoration projects. 

A4612 (Jimenez, Mejia, Giblin/Cryan) - Codifies State-specific exam requirement for land surveyor license.  

A4799 (Lopez, Coughlin, Benson/Vitale, Ruiz) - Permits self-administration of hydrocortisone sodium succinate by students for adrenal insufficiency and requires that school districts and nonpublic schools establish policy for emergency administration of medication.  

A5034 (Pinkin/Smith) - Authorizes sale and conveyance of certain State-owned real property in Stafford Township, Ocean County to US Fish and Wildlife Service.  

S52 (Singleton, Gill/Caputo, Webber, Murphy) - Requires disclosure of breach of security of online account.  

S455 (Addiego, Singleton/Murphy, Dancer, Rooney) - Requires disclosure of identifying information prior to sale of horse at auction. 

S515 (Kean, Sarlo/Munoz, Johnson, Bucco) - Exempts sales of certain materials used in industrial sand casting processes from sales and use tax.  

S542 (Oroho, Singleton/Tucker, Wirths, Space) - Designates High Point State Park as High Point State Park and New Jersey Veterans Memorial.   

S604 (Smith/Pinkin) - Provides that electric power supplier license issued by BPU may be renewed without expiring if certain conditions are met.  

S605 (Smith/Pinkin, McKeon) - Provides that natural gas supplier license issued by BPU may be renewed without expiring if certain conditions are met.  

S875 (Sweeney, Greenstein/Vainieri Huttle, Munoz, Murphy) - Establishes the "Sexual Assault Victim's Bill of Rights."  

S1729 (Thompson, Quijano/Jones, Barclay) - Designates Streptomyces griseus as New Jersey State Microbe. 

S2676 (Bucco, Lagana/Schaer, Calabrese, Tully) - Requires boards of education and nonpublic schools to provide law enforcement authorities with copies of blueprints and maps of schools and school grounds.  

S2707 (Ruiz, Madden/Lampitt, Vainieri Huttle, Armato) - Establishes task force within DOE on prevention of sexual abuse of children.  

S2709 (Ruiz, Madden/Mukherji, Lampitt, Chiaravalloti, Vainieri Huttle, Armato) - Provides that certain persons who commit act of sexual penetration or sexual contact with students who are at least 18 but less than 22 years old are guilty of sexual assault or criminal sexual assault.   

S2711 (Ruiz, Madden/Lampitt, Vainieri Huttle, Jones) - Mandates child abuse and sexual abuse training for all candidates for teaching certification.  

S2720 (Diegnan, Scutari/Johnson, Quijano, Murphy) - Requires autocycles to be insured by PIP coverage to pedestrians.  

SJR101 (Gopal/Pintor Marin, Houghtaling, Downey) - Designates March 15 of each year as Peter Francisco Day in New Jersey.