Governor Phil Murphy

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This Week in New Jersey: July 12, 2019


Governor Murphy Signs Legislation to Protect First Responders, Including 9/11 Volunteers

Governor Phil Murphy signed A4882 and S716 into law, which will enhance protections for first responders, including those who volunteered for 9/11 rescue, recovery, and clean-up efforts at World Trade Center sites.

“Thousands of courageous volunteers put their lives on the line in order to save those affected by the devastation of 9/11,” said Governor Murphy. “We will never forget their selfless acts of heroism, just as we will always be grateful for the first responders who put their lives on the line for us every day. Today we send a clear message to all of our heroes: We have your back. I am proud to sign legislation that will ensure the health benefits and compensation that these incredible men and women deserve.”  


Governor Murphy Releases Report On Employee Misclassification, Signs Legislation Giving Department of Labor Power to Issue Stop-Work Order Upon Discovery Of Violations

Governor Phil Murphy released a comprehensive report from the Task Force on Employee Misclassification, vowing to intensify efforts to curtail the widespread and illegal practice of misclassifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees, which cheats some workers out of benefits and wages, hurts law-abiding business owners, and costs the state tens of millions of dollars a year in lost employment-related tax revenue.

Additionally, the Governor signed S2557 into law giving the NJDOL the power to issue stop-work orders whenever an initial work site investigation finds sufficient violations.

"Employee misclassification hurts hardworking New Jersey workers and prevents them from receiving the benefits and the pay they worked for and deserve,” said Governor Murphy. “We know that we cannot build a stronger and fairer economy without strong worker protections. Our Administration has made cracking down on misclassification a top priority, and we will continue to root out contractors who exploit and cheat workers.”


Governor Murphy Signs Legislation to Permit Municipal Land Banking

Governor Phil Murphy signed the New Jersey Land Bank Law, which will allow New Jersey towns and cities to designate a land bank entity to obtain vacant, abandoned, and neglected properties for productive reuse purposes. This law will provide municipalities with a tool to revitalize and reuse properties for public benefit.

“Where some see blight, we see promise,” said Governor Murphy. “Whether it is in Newark, Paterson, Trenton, or Camden, the creation of a land bank will be a powerful tool for taking empty and overlooked properties and turning them into places where residents can live and work, and where a new sense of community can be ignited.”


Murphy Administration, St. Joseph's Health Announce First Affordable Rental Development Under Agency's Hospital Housing Partnership Program

The Murphy Administration and St. Joseph’s Health unveiled the first project under an innovative state partnership program to promote hospital investment in affordable and supportive housing in their communities, including homes for residents with special needs and experiencing high utilization of emergency services.

"New Jersey is leading the way in developing groundbreaking tools that strengthen communities, grow our economy, and create housing opportunities that enable families to succeed," said Governor Murphy. "By supporting these partnerships and providing stable housing and supportive services to help vulnerable residents, we are reinforcing our core values and investing in a stronger New Jersey."


Governor Murphy Signs Legislation To Restrict The Use of Isolated Confinement In New Jersey's Correctional Facilities

Governor Phil Murphy signed A314 into law, which restricts the use of isolated confinement in New Jersey’s correctional facilities. The legislation codifies into law certain existing New Jersey Department of Corrections policies, places limits on the use of long-term isolated confinement, and restricts the use of isolated confinement on vulnerable populations.

 “By signing this historic legislation, we are furthering our commitment to the continued transformation of our criminal justice system and ensuring it reflects New Jersey’s core values of safety, dignity, and fairness,” said Governor Murphy. “I am proud to stand together with New Jersey’s legislators and criminal justice advocates to advance a humane correctional system that allows for the safe operation of facilities and focuses on strengthening reentry initiatives, substance use disorder treatment, and recovery programs.”