Governor Phil Murphy

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Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


  Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation

TRENTON – Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed the following bills and resolutions into law:

A3118 (Burzichelli, Schepisi, Jasey/Bucco, Thompson)
- Establishes licensure for master hearth specialists.

A4420 (Holley/Scutari) - Modifies certain fees charged by check casher licensees.

A4482 (Verrelli, Murphy, Downey/Greenstein) - Establishes "Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Violence Against Persons with Developmental Disabilities" in DHS.

A5293 (Pinkin, Zwicker, Lopez, McKeon/Smith, Bateman, Greenstein)
- Makes various changes to laws governing remediation of contaminated sites.

A5390 (Tucker, Mukherji, Timberlake/Gopal, Oroho) - Provides in-State tuition at public institutions of higher education to individuals living in NJ who are entitled to educational assistance under US Department of Veterans Affairs' Vocational Rehabilitations and Employment Program.

S499 (Vitale, Madden/Downey, Houghtaling, Zwicker) - Provides for improved system for eligibility determination for Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare.

Copy of Statement on S499

S785 (Sarlo, Lagana/Calabrese, Mukherji) - Requires Police Training Commission to develop supplemental training course for certain county corrections officers.

S1014 (Rice/Wimberly, Mukherji) - Changes composition of State Employment and Training Commission.

S1126 (Bucco, Doherty, Bucco/Coughlin, Webber) - Requires public school districts to provide instruction on "New Jersey Safe Haven Infant Protection Act" as part of New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

S1403 (Diegnan, Singleton/DeAngelo, Mazzeo, Sumter) - Permits service credit transferred from another State-administered retirement system to apply toward creditable service requirement for retirement in SPRS.

S1887 (Singleton, Greenstein/DeAngelo, Wirths, Space) - Directs Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development to establish pilot program to assist certain unemployed and underemployed individuals to complete industry-valued Credentials in 12 months.

S1948 (Vitale/Quijano, Holley, Lopez) - Makes Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training Provider Demonstration Project permanent and renames program.

S2507 (Singleton, Pou/Danielsen, DeCroce) - Prohibits sale or lease of access to certain dental provider network contracts.

S2538 (Singleton, Pennacchio/Kean, Murphy, DeCroce, Armato) - Makes New Jersey National Guard members with NGB-22 form eligible for certain veterans' benefits.

S2660 (Gopal, Sarlo/Downey, Houghtaling, Schaer) - Establishes grant program and tuition reimbursement program for certain teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; appropriates $5 million to DOE.

Copy of Statement on S2660

S2690 (Ruiz, Cryan, Beach, Turner, Andrzejczak/McKeon, Dancer, Land)
- Prohibits pharmacy benefits managers and carriers from engaging in "clawback" and "gag clause" practices; requires certain disclosures by pharmacists; requires Director of Division of Consumer Affairs to conduct public information campaign.

S2691 (Kean, Cunningham/Quijano, Vainieri Huttle, Reynolds-Jackson) - Makes supplemental appropriation of $100,000 to Commission on Human Trafficking.

Copy of Statement on S2691

S3100 (Weinberg, Addiego/Benson, Vainieri Huttle, Mukherji)
- Revises definition of hemophilia and expands hemophilia treatment program.

SJR73 (Singleton/Murphy, Verrelli, Dancer) - Urges U.S. Congress to pass "Military Hunger Prevention Act."

Governor Murphy conditionally vetoed the following bills:

A3717 (Mukherji, Downey, Houghtaling/Greenstein, Gopal) - Prohibits pharmacy benefits managers from making certain retroactive reductions in claims payments to pharmacies; requires pharmacy benefits managers to disclose certain product information to pharmacies.

Copy of Statement on A3717

A5363 (Burzichelli, Benson, Murphy/Gopal) - Requires carriers that offer health benefits plans to provide new or existing subscribers with notification of certain hospital and health system contract expirations.

Copy of Statement on A5363 

S834 (Scutari, Greenstein/Jones, Pintor Marin)
- Prohibits resale of non-prescription diabetes test devices by pharmacists.

Copy of Statement on S834

S2804 (Ruiz, Turner/Lopez, McKnight, Verrelli) - Requires young children entering public schools or Head Start Programs for first time to have comprehensive eye examination completed.

Copy of Statement on S2804

S3075 (Weinberg, Ruiz/Lampitt, Mukherji, Vainieri Huttle)
- Requires DOH to regulate and license embryo storage facilities.

Copy of Statement on S3075 

S3309 (Vitale, Greenstein/Greenwald, Pintor Marin, Reynolds-Jackson) - Establishes New Jersey Violence Intervention Program to fund violence reduction initiatives.

Copy of Statement on S3309

S3330 (Addiego, Singleton/Jones, Vainieri Huttle, Lampitt, Murphy)
- Establishes pilot program in DCF to study impact of child care services provided by community providers operating in public school facilities; requires community providers to meet certain criteria.

Copy of Statement on S3330

S3661 (Singleton, Oroho/Jasey, Wirths, Webber)
- Clarifies assessment payment and election participation requirements in planned real estate developments.

Copy of Statement on S3661

Governor Murphy absolute vetoed the following bills and resolutions:

A4135 (Land, Taliaferro/Sweeney, Andrzejczak)
- Concerns use of digital parking meters to monitor parking compliance; establishes fund to encourage designated drivers.

Copy of Statement on A4135

AJR158 (Houghtaling, Downey, Mosquera/Gopal) - Establishes New Jersey Task Force on Medicaid Financial Resource Limits.

Copy of Statement on AJR158

S1364 (Andrzejczak/Land, Milam) - Provides funding from the General Fund to the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority; appropriates $4 million.

Copy of Statement on S1364