Governor Phil Murphy

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Governor Murphy Takes Action on Legislation


TRENTON – Today, Governor Murphy signed the following bills into law:

A-2371/S-865 (Kennedy, Pinkin, Zwicker/Smith, Bateman) - Requires large food waste generators to separate and recycle food waste and amends definition of "Class I renewable energy"

A-3901/S-2334 (Chiaravalloti, Kennedy, Speight, Dunn/Pou, Vitale, Greenstein, Brown) - Permits professional and occupational licensing boards to reactivate licensure of certain individuals during state of emergency or public health emergency

A-3903/S-2336 (Downey, Houghtaling, Swain/Greenstein, Gopal, Singleton, O’Scanlon) - Allows remote notarial acts during Public Health Emergency and State of Emergency declared by Governor in Executive Order 103 of 2020

A-3904/S-2337 (Burzichelli, Schepisi, Lampitt, Jasey, Stanfield/Cardinale, Beach, Kean) - Permits use of virtual or remote instruction to meet minimum 180-day school year requirement under certain circumstances

S-2333/A-3910 (Kean, Sweeney, Smith, O’Scanlon/Kennedy, Burzichelli, DiMaio, Greenwald) - Provides civil and criminal immunity to certain health care professionals and health care facilities during public health emergency and state of emergency; facilitates issuance of certain temporary licenses and certifications during public health emergency and state of emergency

S-2338/A-3918 (Sarlo, Oroho, Bucco/Pintor Marin, Wirths, Burzichelli) - "COVID-19 Fiscal Mitigation Act"; clarifies filing and payment deadline for CBT and GIT taxpayers, modifies duration of State Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021, requires certain updates and presentation for State Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021

S-2342/A-3915 (Bucco, Greenstein/Dunn, Bergen) - Permits nonprofit corporations to allow members to participate in meetings by means of remote communication, and permits nonprofit corporations to hold meetings in part or solely by means of remote communication during state of emergency

S-2349/A-3922 (Beach/Coughlin, Jimenez, Swain) - Changes date of 2020 primary election from June 2 to July 7

S-2353/A-3938 (Cryan/Quijano) - Excludes from severance requirements under "Millville Dallas Airmotive Plant Job Loss Notification Act" mass layoffs resulting from coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic