Governor Phil Murphy

Leading Voices in New Jersey Support Nomination of Fabiana Pierre-Louis to the New Jersey Supreme Court


Senator Troy Singleton said:

“There are few responsibilities bestowed upon the office of Governor that are more consequential than appointing a State Supreme Court justice. The historic selection of Fabiana Pierre-Louis recognizes that magnitude. Having known Fabiana for several years I have been continuously impressed by her incredible legal acumen, collegial spirit and dedication to her profession and more importantly her family. Fabiana’s resume speaks volumes as to her preparedness for this role, but it is her passion for the equal application of justice that should bring comfort to the nine million New Jersey residents who call our state home. I have no doubt that Fabiana will be a welcomed addition to our Court and look forward to her years of great service ahead.”

Theodore V. Wells Jr, Partner at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, said:

“Fabiana has a powerful intellect, great integrity and a passion for equal justice. I am fully supportive of Governor Murphy’s decision to make this historic nomination to New Jersey’s Supreme Court. She is a superstar.”

In a joint statement, the Governor’s Judicial Advisory Panel, comprised of Chief Justice (Retired) James Zazzali, Justice (Retired) John Wallace, Chief Justice (Retired) Deborah Poritz, Justice (Retired) Virginia Long, Justice (Retired) Stewart Pollock, Judge (Retired) Peter Doyne, and John Keefe, Former President of the New Jersey State Bar Association, said:

“The Panel found that the candidate has the competence, integrity and judicial temperament to be an outstanding Justice.”

Paul Fishman, Former United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey and Partner at the law firm of Arnold & Porter, said:

“As United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey, Fabiana was the first attorney I hired, and I am enormously proud to have done so. She was a great prosecutor, wonderful colleague, and will serve as excellent addition to the state’s highest court.”

In a joint statement, members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee Raj Mukherji, Chairman, Carol Murphy Vice-Chair, Nicholas Chiaravalloti, and Gordon Johnson said:

“We are in full support of this nomination. The Governor could not have made a better pick. We have no doubt that Mount Laurel resident Fabiana Pierre-Louis will be a tremendous credit as the appointment to our highest court. Her background, wealth of experience and diversity she would bring as the first Black woman to serve on the New Jersey Supreme Court together make her the ideal choice. Her nomination is history being made for women, immigrants, and communities of color throughout New Jersey.”

Senator Joe Cryan said:

“It is a nomination that is long overdue in New Jersey and Governor Murphy should be commended for making this important, historic announcement. Now, more than ever, we see the importance of making sure individuals that truly reflect the diverse nature of our State are in positions of authority. Ms. Pierre-Louis’ nomination today is a bright step forward.”

Senator Teresa Ruiz said:

“If you’re asking me to give you my first impression, it’s the most beautiful American story that we need now more than ever. Fabiana Pierre-Louis is a qualified woman who has already broken barriers in her prior professional work experiences. I think what’s more critically important for us here in the state of New Jersey is that we — as senators and elected officials and the administration — whenever we get the opportunity to make sure that any board, or any policy decision-making table or an office, it should be reflective of who we are in the state, and that’s what her nomination indicates today.”

Lloyd D. Henderson, Esq., President of the Camden County East NAACP, said:

“We at Camden County East NAACP are incredibly enthusiastic about Governor Murphy’s nomination of Fabiana Pierre -Louis to one of the best state supreme courts in the land, the New Jersey State Supreme Court. History is being made not only that she will be the first woman of color upon confirmation to ever sit on this Court but only the third person of color in New Jersey. Additionally, history is made as Governor Murphy will be the first Democratic Governor to have a person of color to ever sit. We are very pleased with Ms. Pierre Louis, as having a background which will add diversity not only in gender, age, ethnicity but in active involvement and engagement with the community. It’s our hope that Governor Murphy will not stop with this nomination for the highest court in the state but will continue to add people of color, especially women of color to the other courts, especially the Superior Courts in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem, Atlantic, and Cape May which in 2020 are still under-represented. New Jersey, we can do much better, but this is a big step!”

Richard M. Simins, Chairman of Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads LLP said:

“It goes without saying that Fabiana is an outstanding lawyer. But she is also a human being of outstanding quality. Liked and esteemed by all, she is patient, a careful listener, and someone who takes pride in keeping an open mind. People gravitate towards her as a person of wisdom and compassion. Her personal integrity runs deep. I have often thought she would make a superb judge. I am thrilled but not at all surprised that Governor Murphy and others are of the same view.  Here at Montgomery McCracken, which I am proud to say Fabiana considers home, we couldn’t be more excited at this historic news. We will be miss her, but our loss will be New Jersey’s gain.”

Charnette Frederic, 2nd Vice President and Council Member-At-Large of the Township of Irvington Council, said:

“It is my true pleasure to congratulate Fabiana Pierre-Louis Esq. on this amazing accomplishment. Her extensive background and experience in law will bring a unique prospective to the New Jersey State Supreme Court. Pierre-Louis’ energy, expertise and intuition will be a great asset to our state’s highest court. It is uplifting to know that her exceptional achievement will demonstrate our Irvington young scholars and our community that it is possible to attain your dreams. I would like to express my gratitude to the Honorable Phil Murphy for nominating Fabiana Pierre-Louis Esq. to the New Jersey State Supreme Court.”

Joseph Makhandal Champagne, Jr. Esq., President of the Haitian American Lawyers Association, and Former Mayor of South Toms River said:

“In the midst of all these chaos around the world, It warms my heart to learn about such an uplifting news highlighting Governor Murphy's nomination of our very own, Ms. Fabiana Pierre Louis, to the New Jersey Supreme Court.  Once sworn in, she will become the first Haitian and Black woman on such a high and esteemed court. The celebration of this milestone for Haitians, in particular and Blacks, in general, will reverberate not only in The four walls of State of New Jersey but also throughout the Haitian and Black communities worldwide, especially Haiti!

“Special thanks to God for her mother, father and those who have contributed to her upbringing and evolution in this life's journey. Special thanks to God for gifting her with the requisite mental and intellectual acumen to rise to such prominence.  Special thanks to her for making us and our ancestors proud! We are grateful. Ayiti pap peri!”