Governor Phil Murphy

Bipartisan Group of Legislators Commend Governor Murphy's Nomination of Fabiana Pierre-Louis


Senator Troy Singleton said:

“There are few responsibilities bestowed upon the office of Governor that are more consequential than appointing a State Supreme Court justice. The historic selection of Fabiana Pierre-Louis recognizes that magnitude. Having known Fabiana for several years I have been continuously impressed by her incredible legal acumen, collegial spirit and dedication to her profession and more importantly her family. Fabiana’s resume speaks volumes as to her preparedness for this role, but it is her passion for the equal application of justice that should bring comfort to the nine million New Jersey residents who call our state home. I have no doubt that Fabiana will be a welcomed addition to our Court and look forward to her years of great service ahead.”

Senator Joe Cryan said:

“It is a nomination that is long overdue in New Jersey and Governor Murphy should be commended for making this important, historic announcement. Now, more than ever, we see the importance of making sure individuals that truly reflect the diverse nature of our State are in positions of authority. Ms. Pierre-Louis’ nomination today is a bright step forward.”

Senator Teresa Ruiz said:

“If you’re asking me to give you my first impression, it’s the most beautiful American story that we need now more than ever. Fabiana Pierre-Louis is a qualified woman who has already broken barriers in her prior professional work experiences. I think what’s more critically important for us here in the state of New Jersey is that we — as senators and elected officials and the administration — whenever we get the opportunity to make sure that any board, or any policy decision-making table or an office, it should be reflective of who we are in the state, and that’s what her nomination indicates today.”

Senator Joseph Lagana said:

“In this moment, as our nation cries out for justice, for equal application of the law and an end racial inequalities, it is clearer than ever that our highest court must reflect the diversity of our great state. The nomination of Fabiana Pierre-Louis to the Supreme Court by Governor Murphy is truly historic for New Jersey. “Pierre-Louis’ experiences would surely allow her to offer a unique perspective to the Court. When paired with an excellent resume, she is a very exciting and dynamic nominee.”

Senator Ronald Rice said:

"I’m heartened by Governor Murphy’s selection of Fabiana Pierre-Louis for nomination to the state Supreme Court.

After many years of calling for Black, Latino and female judges on every level of New Jersey’s court system, the members of both the New Jersey Legislative Black and Latino Caucuses are encouraged by the selection of a justice with such a broad base of experience and accomplishment.

In addition to private practice, Ms. Pierre-Louis’ background includes nine years of criminal trials, investigations and prosecutions in the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, and as the Attorney-in-Charge of the Camden and Trenton Branch Offices.  Ms. Pierre-Louis, also lent her acumen and expertise to the General Crimes Unit and the Organized Crime and Gang Unit of the Newark Office.  Her caseload has spanned public corruption, federal narcotics, child exploitation, large-scale mail and wire fraud, healthcare and government fraud, national security and violent crime.

Members of NJLBC will continue to work with the governor, senate president and our colleagues in the legislature to stress the urgency of expedient placement of more minorities and women on every level of New Jersey’s judicial system and in each of the twenty-one County Prosecutors’ offices throughout the state.

I also want to commend my caucus members, civil rights partners, the Association of Black Women Lawyers and the Garden State Bar Association, for their collaboration and unwavering diligence to ensure the final realization of our priority to appoint the first Black woman to the state Supreme Court."

Senator Bob Smith said: 

"I already talked to her, and she’s very impressive. Great background. She seems to have the right personality for it as well. I think she’s going to be a terrific Supreme Court Justice.”

Senator Vin Gopal said:

“Ms. Pierre-Louis is an exceptional pick for this position, and I have no doubt that she will bring the full weight of her experiences, expertise, and intellect to our state’s Supreme Court. Her sharp legal mind and unique perspective will be a great asset to New Jersey’s system of justice, and I am glad to see our judicial bench better resemble the richly diverse array of communities and perspectives that make our Garden State great. I join all those who are celebrating the historic nature of Ms. Pierre-Louis’ nomination, and look forward to speaking with her as she seeks the confirmation of our New Jersey State Senate.”

Senator Sandra Cunningham said:

“I’ve not met her, but I’ve heard amazing things about her in general. I think it’s wonderful to have a young woman of color taking a position such as this. “I think she’ll have an opportunity to make changes and just make so many good things happen. She’ll have a different perspective, and she’ll be generational. I think that that is wonderful and just the way it should be.”

Senator Richard Codey said:

“Her reputation as an attorney of the highest integrity and a person of great character precedes her. I commend the Governor’s selection of a nominee who will bring a unique perspective to the panel.”

Senator Brian Stack said:

“Murphy’s choice is excellent.  I love the diversity.  We need more and more diversity.”

Senator Loretta Weinberg said:

“This is a great step forward to add diversity to the New Jersey state Supreme Court. I am looking forward to meeting Ms. Pierre-Louis and learning of her views on the many subjects important to me and the people I represent.”

Senator Shirley Turner said:

"I have been waiting for this for so long. We have had two African American males on the Supreme Court. Now, we have the first black woman—it’s a void we’ve had for a long time. She’s young, gifted, and black and will be there for a long time—at least 30 years—[and] she could be there long enough to be chief justice. She has a long time to learn and move upward."

Senator Nicholas Sacco said:

“I applaud the nomination of Fabiana Pierre-Louis as an Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. Representing North Bergen and Hudson County, we pride ourselves on diversity and inclusion and believe our residents should be able to look at the ‘high court’ and recognize someone who has walked in their shoes.

“Reviewing Ms. Pierre-Louis’s background, I believe she is someone that all communities can view as a role model and is representative of what our state and country are about. I look forward to sitting with Ms. Pierre-Louis in the days ahead as this nomination moves forward.”

Senator Nellie Pou said: 

“Just by what I’ve read, she appears to be a very well-prepared person for the position. I am happy about the fact that she is a woman, and especially a woman of color. I think those are two incredibly good positions."

Senator Patrick Diegnan said:

“Fabiana Pierre-Louis will be an outstanding addition to the New Jersey Supreme Court. Her distinguished legal skill set and diverse perspective will serve as a tremendous asset to our highest court. Her nomination is an important step toward creating a judiciary that reflects the diversity of our state. I am fully supportive of the Governor’s choice.”

Senator Kip Bateman said:

“I think she’s eminently qualified. Obviously, I’m looking forward to meeting her and asking her some question, but I think she’s got great credentials to be on the New Jersey Supreme Court, I really do.”

Senator Nia Gill said:

“Congratulations to Fabiana Pierre-Louis, the first Black woman nominated to the New Jersey Supreme Court.”

Senator Mike Testa said:

“The New Jersey court motto is that ‘not only must the court system work and be fair, but it is important that people see that it works and is fair’,” Senator Testa stated. “The appointment of Fabiana Pierre-Louis is a step to show all New Jerseyans that we have the utmost respect for our judicial system and the laws which govern our Garden State. Ms. Pierre-Louis has an abundance of New Jersey-based legal experience and her credentials are par excellence.”

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin said:

“I would like to congratulate Fabiana Pierre-Louis on her nomination to serve on New Jersey’s Supreme Court. This moment in time marks a historic period for New Jersey and its judiciary. I commend Governor Murphy for his pick. As the first Black woman in the court’s history, Ms. Pierre-Louis would provide the bench with much needed diversity and I wish her luck in the weeks ahead.”

Assemblywoman Carol Murphy said:

“This is truly a historic day and I commend Governor Murphy for his decision to nominate Fabiana Pierre-Louis as the first African-American woman to serve on the New Jersey Supreme Court. Fabiana Pierre-Louis has been a modern day trailblazer cracking glass ceilings as a woman of color rising through the ranks of the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey. “It is a point of great pride that Fabiana Pierre-Louis is a resident of Mount Laurel, and at this critical time in our nation’s history appointing this highly qualified woman of color is certainly a great choice. Fabiana Pierre-Louis will be an exemplary Supreme Court Justice and I’m ecstatic about this nomination.”

Assemblywoman Valerie Vaineri Huttle said:

“Today is a historic day. Today, Governor Murphy announced the historic nomination of Fabiana Pierre-Louis to the New Jersey Supreme Court, the first person of Haitian descent and the first black woman to ever sit on this court. Across our 50 states, 33 states do not have a woman of color on their highest court. Today’s announcement paves the way for New Jersey to abandon its grim place on this list. In a moment of intense national anguish over the unlawful death of black individuals, today’s decision shows that change is happening here in New Jersey, progress is happening here in New Jersey. Each time we raise up the voices of our community and ensure that everyone is represented in our government we come that much closer to achieving the true meaning of democracy and justice.”

In a joint statement, members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee Raj Mukherji, Chairman, Carol Murphy Vice-Chair, Nicholas Chiaravalloti, and Gordon Johnson said:

“We are in full support of this nomination. The Governor could not have made a better pick. We have no doubt that Mount Laurel resident Fabiana Pierre-Louis will be a tremendous credit as the appointment to our highest court. Her background, wealth of experience and diversity she would bring as the first Black woman to serve on the New Jersey Supreme Court together make her the ideal choice. Her nomination is history being made for women, immigrants, and communities of color throughout New Jersey.”

Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly said:

"I stand with Governor Murphy & Lt. Governor Oliver, on their pick of Fabiana Pierre-Louis as the next Justice to sit on the New Jersey Supreme Court. The time has come for every office to look like the diversity in our State.

"As civil unrest unfold in this country, there are many people asking the question of why are we still being judged ‘by the color of our skin and not the content of our character (MLK).’  We have had so many fight for our rights from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, The Honorable John Lewis to Rev. Jessie Jackson. We still find ourselves fighting for the same rights as others. We are still fighting for a quality education, employment opportunities, generational wealth, better healthcare, a level playing field in Elected Office, and equal sentencing justice.

"I am happy to work closely with an Administration, Governor Phil Murphy & Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver, in opening up opportunities to people of color on all levels.  We recognize that we have always had to prove ourselves on every level, just to get a shot at the many opportunities that seem to just fall into others laps."

Assemblywoman Mila Jasey said:

“Representation matters. With the addition of the outstanding Fabiana Pierre-Louis, our State Supreme Court will gain a strong, young voice that reflects our richly diverse state.Her depth of knowledge, impressive qualifications and unique background make her an ideal choice for our next Associate Justice. I am confident Ms. Pierre-Louis will be confirmed and when that happens, she will have broken that highest, hardest glass ceiling by becoming the first black woman on our state’s highest court, and she will undoubtedly inspire the next generation.”

Assemblyman John McKeon said:

“I am confident that Fabiana Pierre-Louis, serving in the capacity of New Jersey Supreme Court Justice, will make a great addition. Her dedication and commitment to serve the people of New Jersey is evidenced by her accomplished professional history, which includes trailblazing work within the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey. I echo the Governor’s sentiment that our courts must the reflect the great diversity of our state. To that end, as the first Black woman who would serve our Supreme Court, Fabiana Pierre-Louis will unquestionably bring great value with her perspective. This will nicely translate, ensuring our judicial system continues to be a model for others. I look forward to seeing her nomination confirmed by the Senate.”

Assemblyman Ryan Peters said:

“Fabiana Pierre-Louis’ career stacks up to any attorney in the state. What she’s been able to accomplish up to this point in her life is extremely impressive. The New Jersey Supreme Court will be lucky to have her.”

Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield said:

“It’s wonderful to see South Jersey representation and female representation being chosen for these important roles. The nomination of Pierre-Louis is historic and should be celebrated. I’m proud of both of these women who deserve everything they’ve worked so hard for in life. I hope that both are quickly confirmed.”