Governor Phil Murphy

New Jersey Municipal, State, and Federal Leaders Applaud President-Elect Biden's Nomination of Peter Buttigieg as U.S. Secretary of Transportation


“With Pete Buttigieg, New Jersey will have an ally for safe and modern infrastructure in Washington leading the U.S. Department of Transportation," said Governor Phil Murphy. "As a former mayor, he knows importance of investing in safer, more efficient interstate roads and bridges, and in the connections provided by a secure rail network. President-elect Biden has chosen the right person to lead on delivering the promise of clean energy and electric vehicles, on creating new union jobs, and on investments in environmental justice – all of which are inextricably intertwined within our transportation infrastructure. I look forward to working alongside him on issues vital to the future of New Jersey, the Northeast region, and our nation, including putting shovels in the ground for a new Portal Bridge and new tunnels under the Hudson River as part of the Gateway Program.”

“President-elect Biden’s nomination of Mayor Pete Buttigieg for U.S. DOT Secretary is welcome news," said New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti. "His keen understanding of local transportation issues will be invaluable as we balance the role of State DOTs in serving community and statewide transportation needs alike. I look forward to working with him and his team!”

“The NJ TRANSIT family and I are excited to learn that Mayor Pete Buttigieg has been nominated to serve as head of the U.S. Department of Transportation by President-elect Joe Biden. The USDOT will need a steady hand and forward thinking as it helps transit systems across the nation return to normal operations in the wake of the COVID pandemic,” said NJ TRANSIT President & CEO Kevin Corbett, the head of the third-largest mass transit system in the nation. “With his appreciation for issues at both the local and national level, NJ TRANSIT is confident that Mayor Buttigieg will make an excellent Secretary of Transportation and we look forward to working with him.”

“Amtrak is excited to work with Transportation Secretary-designee Mayor Buttigieg to launch an era of passenger rail expansion and improvement across the nation," said Amtrak Board Chair Tony Coscia. "President-elect Biden knows that rail investments will support economic recovery, expanded mobility, and carbon emissions reduction and we are looking forward to working with Mayor Buttigieg and the new Administration to advance these essential goals.”

“We are extremely encouraged by President-elect Biden‘s nomination of Pete Buttigieg to be his Transportation Secretary," said Jerry Zaro, New Jersey Trustee and Treasurer of the Gateway Development Corporation. "Mayor Buttigieg demonstrated tremendous depth and intellect in his presidential bid, during which he made clear his enthusiastic support of major infrastructure projects. As the Hudson Tunnel project is the single largest infrastructure project in the nation, if not the world, along with the Portal North Bridge project and the remainder of the projects in the Gateway Program, we look forward to working closely with Secretary-designate Buttigieg and the Biden Administration to invest in 21st-century infrastructure, create good-paying jobs, and rebuild our nation’s economy.”

“I think Pete Buttigieg is an excellent choice for Secretary of Transportation in the Biden Administration,” said U.S. Congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr.  “Once again the President-Elect has kept his promise to have his Cabinet reflect our nation. This choice is definitely inclusionary. When he was a presidential candidate, his transportation plan would have provided needed upgrades and improvements to all aspects of American infrastructure, from roads and bridges to broadband access. I look forward to seeing how he will better America as the next Transportation Secretary.”

“I congratulate Pete Buttigieg on his nomination to be the next Secretary of Transportation, which will be a key role in leading our nation’s infrastructure plans into the modern era,” said Congressman Albio Sires. “A fellow former mayor, Pete Buttigieg will be able to highlight the local benefits of major infrastructure projects as well as the challenges that many municipalities face. As a senior member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I look forward to working with the former South Bend Mayor on advancing the Gateway Project and supporting the Biden administration’s vision to rebuild America’s infrastructure and economy.”

“Pete Buttigieg is just the right leader to rebuild and reimagine our transportation system, to create jobs, and help America win the race to a clean energy future,” said U.S. Congressman Tom Malinowski. “As a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I look forward to working with him to deliver Gateway and other essential projects for New Jersey.”

"President-elect Joe Biden’s nomination of Pete Buttigieg for the role of U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary is an expression of the incoming administration’s commitment to improving our nation’s infrastructure,” said Senator Patrick Diegnan, Chair of the New Jersey State Senate Transportation Committee. "While on the campaign trail as a Presidential candidate, Mr. Buttigieg displayed a steadfast commitment to this very issue, and I am confident that he will approach this position with the same passion and enthusiasm he presented while campaigning.”

"As a former mayor, Pete Buttigieg knows how transportation infrastructure greatly impacts the success of our local economies and sustainability of our communities." said Assemblyman Daniel Benson, Chair of the New Jersey State Assembly Transportation Committee. "He will be an asset in our efforts to strengthen our infrastructure and build a more equitable transit system. I look forward to working with new leadership at the U.S. Department of Transportation to support New Jersey's priorities." 

“Pete Buttigieg knows first-hand how critical infrastructure is to the success of cities across our nation,” said Newark Mayor Ras Baraka. “Newark will have a partner and friend in Mayor Pete. I fully support President-elect Biden’s nomination of Mayor Buttigieg as Secretary of Transportation. We look forward to working with him on the Gateway Program and many other important infrastructure projects. The impact of these projects to Newark as well as so many underserved communities will assuredly lead to jobs and wealth in our communities and is a clear path to a more equitable future.” 

“As the mayor of a mid-sized city, I can appreciate the benefits that Mayor Pete will bring to Washington as Secretary of Transportation,” said Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh. “Mayor Pete is someone who understands the needs of cities like Paterson, and that is a perspective that is long overdue within the federal government. I support President-elect Biden’s choice.”

"This is an especially historic milestone in LGBTQ national leadership. I applaud President-elect Biden for fulfilling his promise to make his Cabinet as diverse as the nation it serve," said Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora. "Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a dynamic leader with the know-how needed to ignite reinvestment in our country’s infrastructure, which is critical for urban transportation centers like Trenton that eagerly await an ‘Infrastructure Week’ that actually means something. We look forward to Mayor Pete becoming Transportation Secretary Pete!"

“Mayor Pete will bring a much needed perspective with him as President-elect Biden’s choice for Secretary of Transportation,” said Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla. “The need for efficient, safe, and accessible public transportation infrastructure is something that Pete Buttigieg understands. Hoboken, New Jersey, and our region will have a true partner in D.C. with him.”

“I am very happy about President-Elect Joe Biden’s nomination of Pete Buttigieg to serve as U.S. Secretary of Transportation," said Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis. "Mayor Pete is a brilliant man who is highly qualified to serve in our nation’s Cabinet. As Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, he worked on transportation issues and understands their impact on America’s cities. He will bring the perspective of America’s mayors to the U.S. Department of Transportation. I look forward to the important role that Pete Buttigieg will play in the Biden Administration.”

“There is no one who better understands the needs of cities and towns, large and small, than a mayor,” said East Newark Mayor Dina Grilo. “Mayor Pete is a fantastic pick for DOT Secretary, and he will play a critical role in projects that will benefit our regions for decades to come.”

“As the mayor of a densely-populated municipality with a large segment of our population utilizing public transport, I am proud to support President-elect Joe Biden’s choice of Pete Buttigieg for Secretary of Transportation,” said Guttenberg Mayor Wayne Zitt. “Mayor Pete understands the needs of communities like mine, and I know he will bring that understanding with him to D.C.”

“Pete Buttigieg, as a former mayor, knows that critical transportation infrastructure is an important driver of our regional economic success," said Flemington Mayor Betsy Driver. "That knowledge makes him the perfect fit for Secretary of Transportation.”

“I am happy to support Pete Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary," said Clinton Mayor Janice Kovach. As a former mayor he understands the importance of infrastructure and what role the Gateway Tunnel will play in New Jersey’s economic vitality.” 

“I’m excited for Mayor Pete to take over as the Secretary of the Department of Transportation and laud President-elect Biden’s choice," said Somerville Mayor Dennis Sullivan. "Mayor Pete understands the critical need for infrastructure like getting a one-seat ride to New York City on the Raritan Valley Line and, as a Mayor who supports that critical infrastructure, I look forward to seeing the progress that Mayor Pete and President-elect Biden will bring to New Jersey and America.” 

“West Orange residents know first-hand the effects of federal underinvestment in critical infrastructure,” said West Orange Mayor Rob Parisi. “With the selection of Pete Buttigieg as Secretary of Transportation, I am more hopeful than ever before that our state will receive the funding it needs to compete the Gateway Project. President-elect Biden made the right choice.”

“Local elected officials understand how to roll up their sleeves and get things done on the ground, far from the petty political fights in Washington," said Parisippany Mayor Michael Soriano. "I am thrilled to see President-elect Biden nominate Mayor Pete Buttigieg to serve as Secretary of Transportation, and am excited about the local know-how he will bring to the Department of Transportation. As Mayor of Parsippany, at the intersection of two interstate highways, I look forward to increased opportunities for infrastructure improvements, traffic mitigation, and environmental protection of areas adjacent to our highways.” 

“As a Mayor, it is refreshing to see someone with significant local experience head up an important Department like Transportation," said Rockaway Township Mayor Mike Puzio. "Mayor Pete Buttigieg understands the importance of keeping the roads clean and being responsive to the needs of residents regardless of politics and I look forward to seeing him help communities across the country.” 

“I am thrilled that President-Elect Joe Biden has chosen Pete Buttigieg as US Secretary of Transportation," said Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark. "Mayor Pete has done an extraordinary job at the local level in South Bend. I am excited to see what he can do in Washington. Mayors know how to think critically and decisively to meet the needs of residents and to see a Mayor elevated to a cabinet position is tremendous. I look forward to seeing what Mayor Pete and President-Elect Biden will accomplish together.” 

“I commend President-elect Joe Biden’s nomination of South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg to serve as U.S. Secretary of Transportation," said Maplewood Mayor Frank McGehee. "Having been in my shoes as a local elected official, Mayor Pete understands the critical importance of getting things done. Period. That’s why I’m excited to see him at the Department of Transportation because he can get things done while making significant infrastructure improvements in towns and cities across the nation. I look forward to seeing the progress made under Pete’s watch.” 

“This is a historic pick. A mayor is always the person on the ground and aware of what is needed in the community," said Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty. "Mayor Pete bringing that hands on experience to a federal level will be great for the nation's infrastructure.” 

"I am delighted to learn that President-elect Joe Biden will nominate Pete Buttigieg to be his transportation secretary. Elevating a former mayor to a cabinet position is a big deal on multiple levels. First, mayors grapple with time-sensitive challenges on a daily basis and therefore know how to get things done," said Chatham Borough Mayor Thaddeus J. Kobylarz. "Second, mayors are keenly aware of the importance of reliable transportation, and related infrastructure, to local and regional economies; as such, they will spare no effort to seek upgrades and improvement thereto wherever needed. Given the great importance of transportation to New Jersey’s economy, I view Mayor Pete’s selection as a huge win not just for the state, but also for its many local communities, such as Chatham Borough, which rely so heavily on dependable transportation to sustain themselves in a multitude of ways. Because of this, I enthusiastically support President-elect Biden’s pick and look forward to the Senate’s rapid confirmation of Mayor Pete Buttigieg as the nation’s next Secretary of Transportation."

“Mayors like Pete Buttigieg know how critical infrastructure and public transportation are to a thriving local economy," said Roselle Park Mayor Joe Signorello III. "I can’t wait to hop on a train with Secretary Pete and Governor Murphy direct from Roselle Park to NYC to celebrate progress on the important Gateway Project. Pete Buttigieg is a fantastic pick who I’m sure will help support Governor Murphy’s leadership on putting NJ TRANSIT back on track.”  

“I’m excited to see Mayor Pete’s journey continue into the Department of Transportation," said Hasbrouck Heights Councilman Chris Hillmann. "Looking forward to improvements for our commuters and finally real action in infrastructure” 

“Regional Plan Association congratulates Pete Buttigieg — a passionate advocate for cities and steadfast champion for our environment — on being nominated to become Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation," said Tom Wright, President and CEO of Regional Plan Association. "With urban transit systems and the economies they support facing a deeply uncertain future, Buttigieg has his work cut out for him. We have every confidence that with his leadership, the nation’s transit agencies will receive immediate emergency funding and that some of our most urgent infrastructure projects — including the Amtrak Northeast Corridor Capital Investment Plan and the Gateway Program — will be on a path to success.”

  "Tri-State Transportation Campaign applauds the nomination of Pete Buttigieg to become the next Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation," said Janna Chernetz, Deputy Director of Tri-State Transportation Campaign. "The rebuilding of America's crumbling infrastructure is vital to the economic recovery of the nation, especially as we struggle in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, but it will be no easy task.  With Buttigieg at the helm, we look to him to support the much needed emergency funding for our county's transit systems which have suffered dramatically since March 2020 and are the backbone of the economy.  Investments in the transportation network such as the urgently needed Gateway Program and as well as the implementation of policies that reduce tailpipe emissions and stop traffic deaths must be at the forefront of the Biden Administration. We look forward to working with the new Administration to make the United States a global leader in sustainable and equitable transportation."      

"New Jersey Future is pleased to see Pete Buttigieg nominated as Transportation Secretary," said Peter Kasabach, Executive Director, New Jersey Future. "It is great to see a high-profile individual in that position who can elevate the importance of transportation infrastructure and do it from a community and smart growth standpoint. It will be nice to see walking, biking, transit, and land use move back onto the national transportation agenda and I hope we will see alternatives to driving emerge as an important greenhouse gas fighting strategy from the DOT."