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Press Pool Coverage: Governor Murphy Visits Burlington County Vaccine Mega-Site in Moorestown



9:55 a.m.: U.S. Congressman Andy Kim enters through the Lenola Road door. 

10:00 a.m.: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy walks into the Moorestown Mall mega site. He greets NJ Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli and other state and local officials, including Burlington County commissioners Felicia Hopson and Dan O’Connell. 

10:05-10:10: A state police officer gives Murphy a tour, explaining that the site is a former Lord and Taylor store. Murphy and his entourage walk up to vaccination stations. The governor bumps elbows with lab techs and patients. 

10:10-10:15: “You all are here doing this and making a statement. God bless you,” Murphy says to the patients. 

Kim is bumping elbows too. 

They all stand and watch a shot. 

“No pressure!” Murphy shouts. 

A Virtua Health paramedic gives the shot. The crowd applauds. 

“Congratulations,” Murphy says. “Incredibly well administered.”

10:15-20: Kim says state Senator Troy Singleton, who is sitting in a chair waiting for his shot, is scared of needles. 

“Troy you got guns that remind me of me,” Murphy says as Singleton rolls up his sleeve. The crowd laughs. 

Singleton gets his shot. 

Kim: “So brave. So brave. Where’s the lollipop?” The crowd laughs. 

They watch another shot. After the shot, people clap and say congratulations. 

10:20-25: Murphy poses for pictures with people who just took shots. Then he walks away and toward the observation area on the opposite side of the former store. He waves to people in the waiting area. Then he turns left and starts walking toward the exit. The tour guide explains that site officials schedule second appointments at the tables by the door right before patients leave.

“Thank you everybody,” Murphy says as he walks out the door.

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