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Press Pool Coverage: Governor Murphy Visits CHEMED COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic in Lakewood



Governor Murphy visited the Center for Health Education, Medicine and Dentistry vaccination site in Lakewood where he was met by Dr. Dovid Friedman, CHEMED’s CEO.
Also on hand were-

  • Lakewood Mayor Raymond Coles
  • Rabbi Aaron Kotler, president and CEO of the rabbinical college Beth Medrash Govoha 
  • Lakewood Township Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein 
  • Rabbi Avi Schnall, director of the New Jersey Office of Agudath Israel
  • CHEMED pediatrician and COVID-19 survivor Dr. Chaim Kaweblum

Together with Commissioner Judith Persichilli the group was immediately walked through CHEMED’s vaccination tent where they Dr. Friedman walked the governor through the vaccination process and then guided him to the vaccination stations.

Gov. Murphy congratulated Claire Seunath who was the first person in line to get the first shot of two-dose Moderna vaccine at CHEMED. 

The governor next witnessed the vaccination of Lakewood Police Patrol Officer Stephanie Mahone, 32, who said that having the governor witnessing her vaccination was “intimidating” but helped her get distracted away from the needle. 

After getting their vaccine, patients are guided to the waiting area where CHEMED staff monitors them for 15 minutes. 

Gov. Phil Murphy highlighted CHEMED’s role in testing and vaccinating Lakewood residents as well as people from other parts of the state. 

“We've had a great relationship with its elected officials, local leaders from faith communities and advocates," Murphy said. "CHEMED has been a great player early on with testing and now with vaccines. You guys have been great partners and on behalf of the two of us we say thank you."

Gov. Murphy also met with CHEMED pediatrician and COVID-19 survivor Chaim Kaweblum.

“It was very sentimental for me to meet the governor," Kaweblum, 61, said. "I saw him giving eulogies for my friend and colleague Dr. (Harvey) Hirsch and to meet him, in the vaccination room, was very meaningful because we've gone through so much here in Lakewood."

At its facility, CHEMED has administered about 22,000 vaccines so far and has performed 110,000 PCR rapid tests to detect the virus.

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Asbury Park Press

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