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New Jersey Leaders Continue to Support Governor Murphy's Nomination of Rachel Wainer Apter


"Rachel Wainer Apter has repeatedly shown that she is willing to fight for every New Jersey resident, no matter their race, age, gender, legal status, or sexual orientation," said Senate President Pro Tempore Teresa Ruiz. "During her service as Director of the Division of Civil Rights, she has traveled to Texas to defend DACA and here in New Jersey played a pivotal role in crafting the Immigrant Trust Directive, which has made our state safer while allowing undocumented residents to be able to report crimes without fear of deportation. While we have never worked directly together, our paths on policy and protecting the most vulnerable have crossed numerous times. I wholeheartedly support Governor Murphy's nomination of Rachel.”

"Governor Murphy has made another outstanding choice with his nomination of Rachel Wainer Apter to the New Jersey Supreme Court," said New Hope Baptist Church Senior Pastor and National Action Network Board Member Reverend Steffie Bartley. "Rachel has been a true ally of communities of color and has consistently fought for equal justice under the law. As Director of the Division of Civil Rights, she has worked to end the policing of Black hairstyles and engaged extensively with the Black community -- including speaking at New Hope Memorial Baptist Church for our Martin Luther King Day of Service each year. I cannot wait to see her on our state's highest Court."

"Rachel Wainer Apter is the right pick for the Supreme Court given the rising hate towards communities of color and the lifted veil revealing institutionally infused racism," said Executive Director of Salvation and Justice, Reverend Dr. Charles F. Boyer,  "I have worked with Rachel and have seen her meticulously defend the civil rights of the disenfranchised and marginalized. This is a win for racial justice."

“We are thrilled that Governor Murphy has chosen Rachel Wainer Apter, who has been a champion for LGBTQ+ rights, to serve on the New Jersey Supreme Court,” said Garden State Equality Director Christian Fuscarino. “From her time at the ACLU when she litigated to defend the rights of same-sex couples to the public awareness campaign she launched at the Division of Civil Rights to ensure LGBTQ+ individuals know their rights, Rachel has used her considerable legal talents to ensure that LGBTQ+ individuals are entitled to equal justice under the law. Garden State Equality strongly supports Rachel’s nomination and knows that she will add to the Court’s storied legacy of defending the rights of all of New Jersey’s residents.”

“Rachel Wainer Apter’s nomination couldn’t come at a more pressing and important moment. A moment when we are fighting for the soul of this country," said New Jersey Institute for Social Justice President Ryan P. Haygood. "When the cracks of structural racism are erupting in earthquakes across America, and across New Jersey. And when racial disparities in wealth, education, the legal system, health outcomes and democracy assault our very notions of justice. Our courts will be a key place for justice to emerge from the current turmoil, and we look forward to Ms. Wainer Apter’s confirmation and participation on a court that at critical moments has stood for justice, equality and fairness."

"National Organization for Women of New Jersey is thrilled with the nomination of Rachel Wainer Apter to the New Jersey Supreme Court. Governor Murphy’s announcement at the Rutgers-Newark Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hall on what would have been the former Justice’s 88th birthday paid singular homage to her legacy in picking one of her own," said National Organization for Women New Jersey  Chapter President Anjali Mehrotra ."Her strong commitment to addressing systemic inequality is apparent from her resume of multiple clerkships and positions she has held. That her values are considered “further to the left” is more a statement on where her critics stand on issues of social and racial justice, than a reflection on how she will adjudicate from the bench. Further, remarks on her ‘inexperience” are uncalled for and undeniably sexist. They also reek of hypocrisy coming from the flag bearer of the party that recently allowed seven confirmations of President’s Trump’s nominees deemed “not-qualified” by the American Bar Association. NOW New Jersey urges the Senate to confirm Ms. Wainer Apter with bi-partisan support and especially calls on all female Senators to advocate for this exceptional, qualified candidate. Following the confirmation of Justice Pierre-Louis last year, the swift confirmation of Ms. Wainer Apter will be another home-run for all New Jerseyans."

“Rachel Wainer Apter is a terrific choice by Governor Murphy for the New Jersey Supreme Court,” said New Jersey NAACP President Richard Smith. “Her commitment as an ally in the fight for social justice, equity, and civil rights is known to us through her work as the Director of the Division of Civil Rights. We strongly support this nomination and look forward to her service on the Court.”